星期三, 10月 18, 2017



BOSTON – Treasurer Goldberg has announced four more locations for the second round of the Women’s Economic Empowerment Series. The initiative, launched in collaboration with Citizens Bank, is a free program focusing on wage negotiation, money management, retirement and investment strategies for women. The workshops will be held at the Worcester YWCA on November 2nd and 9th.

“Women face unique challenges when it comes to financial security,” said Treasurer Deb Goldberg. “This Program will provide critical information that will give the women in Worcester the skills they need to be successful in today’s economy.”

For more specifics on the event details, programmatic content, and to register please visit the program’s site HERE.

Worcester was chosen as part of a statewide expansion to bring economic security workshops to women across Massachusetts. The workshops, held in partnership with YWCA Central Mass, are designed to help empower Worcester women and give them the tools to secure their economic future and reach their full financial potential

On day one, Treasurer Goldberg created the Office of Economic Empowerment (OEE), led by a deputy treasurer, with the deliberate goal of implementing a range of economic empowerment initiatives that include closing the gender wage gap, increasing access to financial education, improving college affordability, and investing in STEM careers and education. For more information visit http://www.mass.gov/treasury/empowerment or follow the hashtag #EqualPayMA.

紐英崙中華公所幹部改選 第一組候選人出爐

               (Boston Orange)紐英崙中華公所宣佈下一屆幹部改選,自1010日起至1110日止接受提名,125日辦理選舉,現已收到一組提名人選。


星期二, 10月 17, 2017

紐英崙華人歷史協會今日講座談與時俱變的華人移民 (圖片)


新一代移民大都是學者,專業菁英人士。從左上向右下行,貝聿銘,王安,杜維明,Ching-Shih Chen等人。

This panel presentation, led by Tunney Lee with Shauna Lo and Lisong Liu, will cover the changing nature of Chinese immigration to Boston from the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 (CEA) through its full repeal in 1965 to contemporary times. With a focus on Boston and Massachusetts, this panel considers national laws and local sentiments to shed light on an immigration history that is continuing today.

Although the main driver for passage of the CEA were the conflicts on the West Coast between recently arrived European settlers and the Chinese immigrants, Boston and Massachusetts played key roles in the passage and enforcement of the law. The panelists will address Massachusetts’s politicians’ reactions to the CEA, racialized labor politics, Chinatown raids, the Immigration Station in East Boston, and legal employment for Chinese Americans. Panelists will continue the conversation on the growth of the Chinese community in Massachusetts after WWII through the War Brides Act, the Refugee Acts, and the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, the influence of international students, and expansion beyond Chinatown to Brighton, Fenway, Quincy, Medford, Malden, and other suburban towns.

Tunney Lee is professor emeritus of architecture and city planning at MIT and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His primary research focus is urban residential density, Boston’s Chinatown, and the planning history of Boston.

Lisong Liu is an associate professor of history at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. His teaching and research interests focus on Chinese emigration and nation-building, post-1965 Asian-American communities, US-China relations, and comparative and global migrations.

Shauna Lo is assistant director of the Institute for Asian American Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston, where she administers the institute and assists on programs and research projects related to Asian-American communities in Massachusetts.

AALDEF Voter Survey Volunteer Training 10/18

Via Leverett Wing

An important effort being organized by our friends at the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF), in New York.

As they do annually in various states, AALDEF will be conducting national, non-partisan survey of Asian American voters to document voting patterns and instances of voter disenfranchisement.

Tomorrow (Wed., 10/18), AALDEF will be offering two trainings in Boston for volunteers interested in helping with these efforts.  Attorneys can receive 1.5 CLE credits including 0.5 ethics credit for volunteering.

~ Here are the details on the two training opportunities ~
* AALDEF Voter Survey Volunteer Lunchtime Training
Where: Bechert LLP (CLE Training) - One International Place, 40th Fl, 100 Oliver St, Boston, MA 02110
When: Lunch, 12-1:30 PM

* AALDEF Voter Survey Volunteer Evening Training
Where: Metropolitan Community Room, 38 Oak Street, Boston, MA 02111
When6-7:30 PM

Attendance at one 60-minute training session is required for all new volunteers. All volunteers must be non-partisan and work a 3-hour shift on Election Day. Asian language ability is helpful, but not required.

CLE trainings are 90 minutes. Attorneys can receive 1.5 CLE credits including 0.5 ethics credit.

Please share this email, or AALDEF's Facebook event page for the trainings, with anyone you think may be interested.

------------------------------ ------------------------------ ----------
2017 Asian American Election Protection – Tuesday, November 7, 2017
MA • NJ • NY • VA
In past elections, Asian Americans have faced a series of barriers in exercising their right to vote, including segregated “Asian” voting lines.  When the news media reported on election results, Asian Americans were overlooked.  In response, the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF) conducts a non-partisan survey of Asian American voters to document voting patterns and instances of voter disenfranchisement. AALDEF has also monitored the elections for compliance with the federal Voting Rights Act, which mandates bilingual ballots and forbids anti-Asian voter discrimination.
We need your help.  All are welcome to volunteer for our exit poll, which we will conduct in Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia.  Exit poll volunteers work in 3-hour shifts. We are also looking for law students and attorneys to monitor polls in NY, NJ, and MA. We will conduct mandatory 60-minute community trainings and offer 90-minute CLE trainings in all of these regions. All volunteers must be non-partisan during the time they help; Asian language ability is helpful, but not required.  Complete the form at www.aaldef.net.  Thank you!
For more information, contact AALDEF Democracy Program Director Jerry Vattamala or Voting Rights Organizer Iris Zalun at 800-966-5946 or votingright s@aaldef.org.

華埠社區議會11/26改選 11/17截止報名(圖片)


星期一, 10月 16, 2017


波士頓大學全球研究學院院長Adil Najam(左二)和教育組組長
(Boston Orange周菊子波士頓報導)中華民國教育部和波士頓大學全球研究學院今(16)日續簽3年合作協議。波士頓大學亞洲中心將在該協議支持下,舉行2大會議,開辦至少三項取材自台灣文化,歷史及數位發展的課程,並訂閱台灣的電子刊物。
            駐波士頓台北經濟文化辦事處教育組組長陳幗珍和波士頓大學新上任的全球研究學院(Pardee School of Global Studies)院長Adil Najam昨日在駐波士頓台北經濟文化辦事處處長賴銘琪,波士頓大學副校長暨全球項目副教務長王威(Willis G. Wang),波士頓大學亞洲中心主任葉凱蒂,副主任田文浩,波士頓大學亞洲區發展主任馬以正(Eugene Mahr)等嘉賓見證中,簽署這合作協議。
            波士頓大學全球研究學院院長Adil Najam指波士頓大學是個不斷向前推動的學校,在該校與教育部合作10年後,他很高興有機會代表該校續簽合作協議。
            經文處處長賴銘琪半開玩笑表示,過去7年來,台灣政府總共送過142名學者到哈佛大學,麻省理工學院等美國5大院校交流訪問,其中哈佛40人,MIT 9人,但不知為何這些院校中未包括波士頓大學,估計今天的簽約就為彌補此事。