星期三, 10月 12, 2016

AARP推出新紀錄片­­「照護家人: 愛的傳承」

Documentary Caregiving: The Circle of Love
Urges Chinese American Families to Prepare to Care

Featuring MSNBC News Anchor Richard Lui
MSNBC新聞主播Richard Lui (呂勇詩)分享經驗之談

AARP’s Caregiving: The Circle of Love follows three family caregivers: former educator Elizabeth Chun, MSNBC Anchor Richard Lui and AARP Historian Emerita Lily Liu.
AARP紀錄片《照護家人愛的傳承》介紹退休教育家Elizabeth Chun MSNBC新聞主播Richard Lui (呂勇詩)AARP品牌歷史榮譽顧問Lily Liu (劉綺君)等三位家庭照護者的經歷。

WASHINGTON, D.C., October 12, 2016 – To help families start the difficult but vital conversation about caregiving in the Chinese American community, AARP presents its new documentary Caregiving: The Circle of Love that tells the stories of three caregivers, including MSNBC News Anchor Richard Lui. Produced and directed by Toan Lam, the 14-minute documentary also follows former educator Elizabeth Chun and AARP Historian Emerita Lily Liu as they care for their families.Caregiving: The Circle of Love is produced in English and subtitled in Chinese.

“There are stories we tell our entire lives. The ones we appreciate and cherish are like the one I am living now—being able to live in two cities so I can be a regular and helpful presence for my father and mother during a challenging time,” said Richard Lui, MSNBC News Anchor and AARP Caregiving Champion. “When my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I didn't respond thinking I was signing up to be a caregiver. I was raised to value and support family. I know the company I work for believes this too. My work community knows good stories involve going above and beyond to help employees when they need it. I am grateful to share my story and help foster a larger discussion around caregiving.”

“We know that in Chinese American families it is not easy to discuss difficult issues such as caregiving which encompasses so many taboo topics—health, end-of-life, long term needs, and financial issues,” said Daphne Kwok, AARP Vice President of Multicultural Leadership, Asian American and Pacific Islander Audience Strategy. “We either avoid or tiptoe around these uncomfortable issues, but with caregiving it is so important to start the conversations now with and about your loved ones’ wishes before an emergency happens. With this documentary, we hope to give people the courage to begin to prepare to care.”

According to AARP Research:
  • Nearly 40 million Americans—almost 1 in 5 adults—help care for a relative or friend over age 50.
  • Respect for one’s elders is a value common to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs); as is family togetherness, demonstrated by the fact that AAPIs are also twice as likely as other Americans to live in households with at least two adult generations.
  • Since two-thirds of AAPIs age 50 or older are immigrants, they may have traditional cultural expectations that can be a challenge to meet by their more Western acculturated children who are attempting to balance work-life with raising children of their own.
  • AARP’s study found that the vast majority (73%) of AAPIs, more than any racial or ethnic group, believe that caring for parents is expected of them. The study found that AAPIs were more likely to take charge of caregiving for their elders: they are more likely to talk to doctors (54% vs. 36%), contribute financially (51% vs. 27%), and handle paper work or bills (41% vs. 33%) than the total population of the same age or compared to other Americans.

To see Caregiving: The Circle of Love and download AARP’s “Prepare to Care: A Planning Guide for Families,” visit AARP.org/AAPI.

【華盛頓2016年10月12日訊】為幫助華裔社區就十分困難但又極為重要的照護親友議題展開對話,AARP特別推出全新紀錄片照護家人愛的傳承》Caregiving: The Circle of Love),這條十四分鐘的影片是由著名獨立導演Toan Lam監製及執導,內容是通過退休教育家Elizabeth Chun 、MSNBC新聞主播Richard Lui (呂勇詩)及AARP品牌歷史榮譽顧問Lily Liu (劉綺君)等三位家庭照護者的經驗,介紹未雨綢繆之重要。影片以英文製作,附有中文字幕翻譯。

「我們的人生中總會有一些百說不倦的故事,當下,我們很珍惜和重視這些事情,就例如現在我經常穿梭於兩個城市之間,可以定期在父母身旁,在他們有需要時給予幫忙照護,」MSNBC新聞主播、AARP模範照護者Richard Lui (呂勇詩)說。「當我的父親被診斷出患有阿兹海默症時,我並沒有立刻想到將會成為一名照護者。但我從小就被教育要重視家庭和扶持家人,而且我知道我的公司也有相同的價值觀。我的僱主和同事們都十分理解,在員工有需要的時候伸出援手及提供額外的援助。我很高興能夠分享我的故事,引起大家關注以更廣泛地談論照護議題。」



  • Ÿ接近4000萬、即五分之一的美國人正在照顧一位50歲以上的親人或朋友。
  • Ÿ美國亞太裔家庭普遍有尊老敬賢、闔府團圓的價值觀,因此兩代成人同堂生活的比例也是其他美國人的兩倍。
  • Ÿ由於三分之二50歲以上的亞太裔人口是移民,他們可能有傳統文化上的期望,但對於在西方成長的子女來說,他們經常會在迎合父母期望、及平衡本身工作和照顧下一代方面處於兩難之間。
  • ŸAARP研究還發現,絕大多數亞太裔(73%)比任何其他族群都更相信他們有責任照護父母。研究顯示,亞太裔更會主動照顧家中長者,他們比全國同齡總人口或其他美國人更會與醫生討論(54%對比其他美國人36%)、更會提供財務援助(51%對比其他美國人27%)、更會處理文件或帳單(41%對比其他美國人33%)。

如欲觀看照護家人愛的傳承》Caregiving: The Circle of Love)影片及下載「AARP照護準備: 為家人規劃的指南」(Prepare to Care: A Planning Guide for Families),請瀏覽網站:AARP.org/AAPI

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