星期三, 8月 16, 2017

Young Bostonians Celebrate Walsh's Commitment to Innovation, Economy, and Social Justice

Young Bostonians Celebrate Walsh's Commitment to Innovation, Economy, and Social Justice
Young Professionals Throughout Boston Commend Mayor Walsh for his Commitment to Creating Jobs and Building an Economy that Works for All
(Boston, MA) Wednesday, August 16, 2017 - Tonight, young professionals from all over Boston gathered at Tia’s on the Waterfront to celebrate Mayor Marty Walsh’s record of building affordable housing, creating access to higher education, and working to create an economy that uplifts everyone.

Since becoming Mayor, Walsh has made it a priority to ensure young people have pathways to success. Leaders from every corner of Boston commended his work:

State Representative Dan Cullinane

"Time after time, Mayor Walsh has shown his commitment to all people of Boston, whether it’s filling potholes or supporting local business owners. When it comes to young people in Boston, he has put forward every tool at his disposal to ensure that we have the best startup, entrepreneurial spaces, more affordable housing, and job opportunities that anyone could ask for in a world-class city. I am grateful for his leadership and look forward to the continued work we have ahead." 

Esteniolla Maitre
Community activist, former BPS educator

“I grew up in Boston and care deeply about its future. It's with confidence that I can say that Mayor Walsh is the best leader for our city, whether it is in considering strong learning opportunities for our children or backing young people in their pursuits to fight against racism and other injustices. I've constantly been reminded of his passion, patience, and dedication, and I look forward to his continued work throughout the neighborhoods.”

State Representative Dan Hunt

"Mayor Walsh has proven his support for young professionals here in the City of Boston. With young people in mind, the Mayor has built a bright future for economic innovation and job sustainability. The Mayor understands that when our young communities thrive, our city thrives. His commitment to this upcoming generation of Bostonians is unquestionable -- I am proud to stand with Mayor Walsh."

Sharhea Wade
Roslindale resident, assistant vice president/global ABS credit analyst at locally-based international corporation

"Mayor Walsh has served all of Boston, and its millennial population, admirably. He effectively launched the Roxbury Innovation Center in the heart of the city for young people to make their business dreams become a reality. He's offering salary negotiation courses, free of charge, to women who are navigating challenging conversations in the workplace. And, he is building more affordable housing, to ensure that all who want to live in Boston can do so. Most important of all, I've seen the mayor support the Posse Foundation and several other programs that I believe in, and I can now return that support as he continues his leadership in Boston for the next four years."

State Representative Adrian Madaro

"Immigrant communities have always served as the portrait of Boston; the faces of the next generation of young Bostonians are representative of that. The Mayor understands that the expression of culture, especially by young people, is vital to Boston. Mayor Walsh has advocated for this since day one -- he has fought for all of Boston’s communities and I will fight for him."

Kristin Phelan
South End resident, founder & CEO of KP Strategies

"Boston has long been defined by the energy of its people. Its people who give life and soul to a city. As a resident and business owner, I am proud to be a Bostonian under Mayor Marty Walsh's leadership. Guided by his genuine love and loyalty for the city and the people who call it home, Mayor Walsh continues to demonstrate how effective local government enhances the livability of cities.”

Nick Martin
South Boston resident, public affairs professional

"As someone who had the pleasure of serving in Mayor Walsh's administration and continues to benefit from his leadership as a resident, I have witnessed firsthand what makes the Mayor such a unique champion for Boston. When it comes to civic engagement, he has shown an uncompromising commitment to reaching out to and learning from all residents. And at a time of political polarization across the country, I take comfort in all that Mayor Walsh is doing to bring people together around a progressive agenda that prioritizes inclusion, opportunity and a voice for all."

Michael J. Nichols
Fenway/Kenmore resident, chief of staff at the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

"Mayor Walsh continues to reimagine Boston as an innovative, first-class city and seeks at every turn to capitalize on our city's strengths. For me, he has been a champion of affordable housing, modern development practices, parks and open spaces, multi-modal transportation, the arts community, involving young professionals more directly in civic engagement, and so much more. Further, when others have tried to regress our country through a 'divide and conquer' strategy on social issues, I have appreciated having the mayor of my city - Mayor Walsh - battling on the front lines for equality and basic human decency. I couldn't be more happy to stand with Mayor Walsh as he seeks another four years of service to the people of Boston."

Hannah Cochran
Beacon Hill resident, product designer at international banking company

"As as a young professional woman in the tech industry, I appreciate how our Mayor and his team have continuously been at the forefront for improving women's rights in the workplace. The city of Boston attracts some of the best companies to work for, and continues to foster an environment where young professionals want to grow their careers. In addition to my full-time role in tech, I've also ran my own successful design and photography freelance company for past 4 years. Because of the great programs like Arts Boston and the Office of Women's Advancement, Boston has been a wonderful place to grow my brand and network with other small businesses in the art world."

Councilor Matt O’Malley

Under Mayor Walsh's leadership, Boston has continued to flourish. The mayor has been a collaborative partner in local government, fighting to make sure every Bostonian has an equal opportunity to succeed and get ahead. Whether you're a millennial or a senior, the mayor has fought hard for you over the past three years and will continue to fight for you every day. I know Boston is in good hands, and I look forward to the many more years of public service that we have ahead of us.

Darrell Kelton
Roxbury resident, owner of Leash Dog Care

“As a small business owner, I have been thoroughly impressed with how much support I continue to receive from the Walsh Administration. I remember the day I handed the mayor my business card and really appreciated how personable and attentive he was. He really cares about the people of Boston, and that has shown in his efforts to launch small business centers across the city.”

Ian Sutherland
Roxbury resident, junior creative associate at Libretto

"Mayor Walsh is an enormous voice of support for millennials in Boston. SPARK Boston's civic engagement opportunities encouraged my friends and I to participate and vote on many vital city issues, especially on topics concerning young professionals. I credit the Mayor's advocacy for millennials as the reason many of my peers and I stayed to work in Boston after graduating college this year."


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星期二, 8月 15, 2017

CPPA endorse Ed Flyn

Diverse Progressive Groups Endorse Ed Flynn's Campaign for City Council

On Tuesday, August 15, Ed Flynn, a South Boston community activist and BPS parent running for Boston City Council District 2, is endorsed by diverse grassroots organizations, including the Chinese Progressive Political Association, UNITE HERE Local 26, and Latinos for Flynn. 

Setti Warren's statement on Charlottesville

Dear Friend,
​Yesterday, Tassy and I sat our two kids down to talk about Charlottesville. We spent the weekend darting around the house turning off TVs when the terrible images of the racist terrorist attack popped on their screens, but if you're a parent, you know you can only protect your kids from the truth for so long. Before they left the house for camp on Monday, we decided we had to tell them what happened.
Abigail took a few minutes to process what I was telling her. The idea that a group of people who have never met her in a place she's never been to could hate her just because she's my child is a hard concept to grasp for a 10 year old. Our 6 year old John asked if the man who drove a car into a crowd of people did it on purpose. 
I told them about the time, during Boston's bussing backlash, when my parents kept me home from a field trip to Bunker Hill because they could't be sure that I would be safe. Tassy reminded them that we recently visited Bunker Hill as a family and no one bothered us. Things get better, we told them.
I talked more about the conversation Tassy and I had with Abigail and John in a radio interview yesterday. If you have a moment, please listen in.
In the long term, I have faith that things will get better. Right now, we need to be honest about the fact that we are witnessing a resurgence of hate groups who aim to foment violence and intimidation by hijacking our political discourse. They know they can only win if they turn neighbors into enemies and cause one outrage after another. 
We can't let them. 
My grandfather fought the Nazis in the Battle of the Bulge. I will do whatever I can to stop the spread of their evil ideology today, but I will not allow the anger I feel about the evil actions of a despicable few to drive me to hate my fellow Americans with whom I have political disagreements. This is a serious challenge for our nation, but it is not about Democrats versus Republicans. It is about good versus evil, love versus hate, the best of America versus Nazis.
Tassy​, Abigail, John ​and I will keep the families of Heather Heyer, H. Jay Cullen and Berke M.M. Bates in our thoughts and prayers.
All the best,

Council President Wu Releases Statement on Charlottesville, Planned Boston Rally

Council President Wu Releases Statement on Charlottesville, Planned Boston Rally

Boston City Council President Michelle Wu released the following statement:  “I condemn in the strongest possible terms the hate-fueled violence by white supremacists that took place this weekend in Charlottesville, VA.  Make no mistake, this was a despicable act of domestic terrorism.  My heart goes out to the victims and their families.

“While unfortunately this kind of hate is not new in our country, our values and founding principles require us to do better.  When we say there is no place for hate here, we do so knowing that we have to take action to remove the foothold that white nationalists and white supremacists currently have.

“We also have to recognize that these hate groups are not limited in their membership to any one city, state, or region.  Boston has offered opportunity and security to people of many different backgrounds.  We strive to do better, and to be more inclusive, every day.  But we are not perfect, and we are not immune.  The event planned for Saturday August 19th demonstrates that. We are facing a pivotal moment when we must decide who speaks for our City.  We may not be able to deny hate groups the ability to speak, but we can drown them out with voices that are stronger and more numerous.  We can overwhelm their hatred with our own collective love.

“Ignoring these groups has allowed them to fester and flourish in the dark.  The dangerous rhetoric of President Donald Trump’s campaign and administration has made them feel secure spewing their hatred out in the open.  They are preparing to stand in one of Boston’s most sacred places, on land that has belonged to the public collectively for over 350 years, and to tarnish it with views that disgust us.  Therefore we must prepare ourselves to show them -- peacefully, lovingly -- that their views are not “common”; that they have no place on the Boston Common; that this City welcomes immigrants, people of color, people of different religions, ethnic identities, sexual orientations, and gender identities.

“The Boston I love is the Boston that used the Common to protest tyranny in the 1700s, protest slavery in the 1800s, rally for civil rights in the 1900s, and rally at the Women’s March just this year.  One rally by hate groups will not destroy that legacy of progress.  Boston is stronger than that.  And that is what we must demonstrate to the world on Saturday.”

星期一, 8月 14, 2017



BOSTON – Attorney General Maura Healey today issued the following statement in response to the recent events and violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“I am deeply disturbed and saddened by the bigotry and violence on display in Charlottesville over the weekend. These acts are inimicable to our shared values as Americans and to the rule of law. They have no place in our hearts or on our streets. Together we must stand up for equality, respect, and inclusion, and work together to lift up every member of our community. As Attorney General, I want to assure you that my office and I are committed to these core principles and will work to protect them.”