羅德島州克蘭斯頓市長馮偉傑 Car Tax Bill

Cranston Begins Mailing Car Tax Bills

CRANSTON, RI—Cranston Mayor Allan W. Fung today announced that car tax bills are in the process of being mailed and taxpayers should expect them to be delivered before the end of July.

Like many other municipalities, the city delayed the mailing of these bills pending the outcome of the proposed car tax phase out proposal contained in the state budget. Because the General Assembly recessed without approving the fiscal 2018 budget that contained the car tax phase out, the city is now in the process of mailing out the car tax bill, which will not include the phase-out. If state lawmakers do end up passing a fiscal 2018 budget that includes a reduction in the car tax, the city will make a decision then as to whether we will offer the vehicle owners a credit on future taxes or a rebate.

Because the mailing was delayed, the city has extended the due date for first-quarter payments to on or near Aug. 15 and the standard grace period will still apply.

“We appreciate our taxpayers’ patience during this period of uncertainty with the state budget,” Mayor Fung said. “I know that this delay has been frustrating and makes it difficult for residents to plan their household budgets. The decision to delay the mailing was not made lightly. I have been an supporter of the car tax phase-out legislation, but as your Mayor, I have to consider all the impacts and I couldn’t accept any scenario that resulted in the city being forced to send a supplemental tax bill in the event no fiscal 2018 budget is passed.”

Cranston Installs New Flood Warning System at Oaklawn and Wilbur Avenue Intersection
CRANSTON, RI—A new flood detection and warning system has been installed at the intersection of Oaklawn and Wilbur Avenues in the hopes of preventing another motorist from getting stranded during severe rain events.

The system, which cost $29,000, is solar powered and consists of a box with a sensor that detects when the lowest point of Wilbur Avenue is flooded, activating a system of flashing LED lights.

The area is prone to flooding during periods of heavy rain. The drainage system occasionally is overwhelmed as nearby Meshanticut Brook fills with water and the road can flood by a foot of water or more. The dip in the road under the railroad bridge can trick drivers into thinking the water’s depth is much lower, resulting in numerous cases of stranded motorists facing severe damage to their car and often necessitating an emergency response.

“This unique system is a cost-effective way to improve public safety and will help ensure people think twice before driving into floodwaters,” said Cranston Mayor Allan W. Fung. “I’m glad the city has taken this step to address a problem that has plagued the Oaklawn neighborhood and affected numerous drivers.”

The system is the first such system to be installed in Rhode Island. It was purchased from Ocean State Signal, a Rhode Island company. The mayor budgeted $50,000 for the project in the current fiscal year.

“While this is not a permanent solution to stop all flooding in this problem area, it’s the right thing to do, right now, with limited impact on taxpayers,” Mayor Fung continued. “I want to prevent people from suffering not just embarrassment and property damage, but also potential injury. Floodwaters are dangerous at any depth.”
The plan was developed in-house. Public Works Director Ken Mason and Public Works Assistant Steve Mulcahy designed the system and approached Ocean State Signal to price out the necessary equipment. The system was installed by Rossi Electric of Cranston.

The system will not replace existing measure to warn drivers of flooding conditions. When heavy rains are expected, the Public Works department deploys traffic barrels along the side of the road. In the event the drainage system begins to back up and flood the road, city crews or police officers move the barrels around the floodwaters to warn drivers.

“The flashing lights and highly visible signs send a strong message and will compliment our efforts to keep people safe,” Mayor Fung concluded.

Mayor Fung’s Statement on President Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration

“As the son of immigrants who came to this country from China to live the American Dream, President Trump's executive order hits me hard and I have concerns. 

“First and foremost, I do support a fair and thorough vetting process for immigrants to get to America legally.  But, I am concerned about the unintended consequences from this executive order.  I'm troubled at the lack of notice for families in transit and for detaining legal green card holders.  People who have been living here legally with Green Cards or followed the rules to work or study in the United States should not be detained or deported based on their religion or country of origin.

“It appears as though this executive order was rolled out quickly, far too quickly in my opinion, and did not go through proper vetting.  We all know how botched roll outs go in this state, and often leads to a lot of anguish and needless suffering.  While I whole-heartedly support sensible reforms, and think we need to strengthen our borders greatly, immigration and national security are complex problems that should not be rushed.”
Cranston Lands $300,000 Grant for LED streetlight conversion project
“This LED conversion project also helps the city demonstrate how sound financial management and environmental stewardship are not mutually exclusive.” Stated Cranston Mayor Allan W. Fung.

CRANSTON, RI—Cranston Mayor Allan W. Fung announced Wednesday that the city has just been awarded a $300,000 grant that will be used for an ongoing LED streetlight conversion project.

The grant is through the Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources and comes with no strings attached. The city expects the money to be delivered in full by the end of the year.

The project will save the city thousands of dollars in energy costs because the new fixtures are more energy efficient than traditional streetlights. The LED lights also have a much longer lifespan than traditional fixtures, which will help reduce maintenance costs.

“I am pleased that Cranston has received this grant, which will help the city complete its long-term plan to convert traditional streetlights into new LED streetlights,” commented Mayor Allan Fung. “I commend my staff, particularly in the Department of Public Works, for applying for the grant and securing these funds. This grant will help us complete our conversion project in a timely fashion without burdening taxpayers.”

The city applied for the grant in September and was notified of the award on Monday. A total of about 9,500 streetlights are expected to be converted over time. So far, 1,000 have been installed.

In addition to the $300,000 grant, the city expects to secure additional savings through National Grid rebates.

The conversion plan follows similar plans enacted in other communities in Rhode Island to take control of streetlights from National Grid, the region’s largest energy provider, for short-term and long-term savings.

According to a study authorized by the city earlier this year, purchasing the lights from National Grid could save the city upwards of $400,000 per year in maintenance costs without any LED conversions at all. Converting to LEDs will bring additional savings, reported to be between $480,000 and $780,000, according to the study.

The study indicated that Cranston was paying more than $1.5 million per year to National Grid for streetlight costs before taking ownership. The city bought the streetlights for a mere $168,000. By owning its own streetlights, the city can deploy city workers for maintenance and repairs at a much lower cost than the rate previously charged by National Grid.

Mayor Fung noted that in addition to the savings, the conversion helps the city make progress toward a long-term goal of reducing the city’s energy consumption and environmental footprint.

“During my time in office, I’ve worked hard to keep costs down and find savings for Cranston taxpayers,” Mayor Fung said. “This LED conversion project also helps the city demonstrate how sound financial management and environmental stewardship are not mutually exclusive.
Allan Fung running for re-election
Mayor of Cranston, RI announced that he is running for re-election on Feb. 26 while celebrating his birthday. 
He told a few hundreds supporters that there are over 1700 new jobs and $66 million in business development since he has come into office, it's no wonder why 24/7 Wall Street has named Cranston as one of the ‪#‎Top50Cities‬ to live in the entire United States! 


This is it. We kicked off exactly one year ago today and all of our hard work comes down to today.

From Westerly to Woonsocket, you welcomed me and shared your stories. Together, I know we can turn things around in Rhode Island.


Please, make sure you vote today. This is a historic election for Rhode Island. We need you to vote and to tell your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to do the same.

Click here for your polling location.

You make the difference!


RI Taxpayers Urges Taxpayer and Reform Advocates to Close Ranks Behind Allan Fung

Taxpayers' Group Says Raimondo Will Hurt Reform Efforts

RI Taxpayers is urging its members and statewide taxpayer and reform advocates and independent leaning taxpayer advocates to close ranks behind Cranston Mayor Allan Fung as the election closes in. RI Taxpayers says recent polls show the race has narrowed to a dead heat because voters are recognizing who is the real candidate for reform, and who is not, and notes that numerous position statements from Democrat Gina Raimondo indicate she would hurt the efforts of reform groups. RI Taxpayers is urging voters seeking real change and a better taxpayer climate to get behind Fung. RI Taxpayers had originally endorsed Republican Ken Block in the Primary, but Block closed ranks behind Fung following his own primary loss, and now RI Taxpayers is urging its members to consolidate their support to Fung.
"Victory is within reach for Allan Fung and we want taxpayer advocates and independents across the state to recognize Fung will be the reformer we need and Gina Raimondo will betray the best interests of reformers and taxpayers if she were elected," says RI Taxpayers President Larry Girouard.
"Taxpayer advocates and good government reformers across the state come from all sides of the aisle, and are often independents, and we urge them to recognize that Allan Fung is our best chance for the reforms we seek, " Girouard continued. "Gina Raimondo's campaign positions, and her obvious alliance with President Obama, represent viewpoints which are against the best interests of those seeking reform and with days away to the Election, we must close ranks and keep her out of the Governor's office." (Raimondo is endorsed by President Obama who is visiting RI on her behalf this week.)
RI Taxpayers cites recent statements and positions by Raimondo that show she is not a reformer, including her refusal to support a Constitutional Convention which could bring about a line-item veto among other fiscal reforms; her support for a minimum wage amount that is higher than what RI small businesses say they can afford; and her opposition to Voter ID, which would undermine the state's new law and the efforts of good government reform groups to diminish voter fraud in elections.

Comeback Story Highlights Fung's Accomplishments and Leadership

Cranston - The Fung for Governor Campaign is airing its newest television advertisement, "The Cranston Comeback," highlighting Cranston's economic turn-around under the leadership of Mayor Allan Fung.  On the first day of his administration, Fung inherited a structural budget deficit of $1.5 million.  In successive years, the city lost approximately $20 million in revenue.  The State of Rhode Island even labeled Cranston a "distressed community."  

Mayor Fung stepped in to provide leadership and common sense reforms to turn around the city, generate budget surpluses, and freeze taxes for three straight years.  Highlights of Fung's reform efforts include the following cost cutting measures:

  •        Entering joint purchasing agreements and consolidating services with other cities and towns;
  •        Reducing overtime expenses;
  •        Eliminating city vehicles for the Mayor and Director of Administration and limiting employee use of take-home vehicles;
  •        Reducing staff in the Mayor's Office;
  •        Curtailing use of outside vendors and performing the same functions in-house;
  •        Negotiating pension reforms, saving taxpayers more than $6 million annually; and
  •        Entering the RI Healthcare Collaborative (RIMIC) to save on healthcare claims costs.

The growth of Cadence Manufacturing and the development of Garden City and Chapel View illustrate this comeback story.  The result of these projects and many more like them has been the creation of more than one thousand new jobs in Cranston, thanks to Mayor Fung's leadership.

As Governor, Allan Fung will demonstrate the same urgency and leadership in creating thousands of jobs throughout Rhode Island.

"We were able to turn around the City of Cranston and my Open for Business plan will get Rhode Islanders working again by reforming taxes, cutting through government red tape, improving education, and promoting our great resources for tourism," concluded Fung.

The ad began airing Wednesday evening and will continue through next week.  It can be viewed here.


We wanted to take a quick minute to update you on the good news from today's WPRI/Providence Journal poll. 

While the race continues to be a statistical dead heat, 64% of Rhode Islanders hold a positive opinion of Mayor Fung, almost 10% higher than Gina Raimondo's favorability rating. Frankly, we are not surprised by this. Most importantly, among undecided voters the Mayor has a 21 point favorability lead over the Treasurer. From Westerly to Woonsocket, we see folks who are excited about Allan's campaign, and his plan to grow our economy and get Rhode Islanders back to work.

Over the weekend at the Scituate Art Festival, we were able to capture this excitement! Main Street Rhode Islanders know that Allan is the best choice for Governor. Mayor Fung's comprehensive "Open for Business" plan will cut the sales tax, lower the business tax, enact regulatory reform, improve our education system and help bring tourism back to Rhode Island. 


We cannot get Rhode Island back to work without your help! Will you share this message with your friends? While Treasurer Raimondo has out of state billionaires supporting her campaign, we are working hard to make sure every Rhode Islander knows about Mayor Fung's great leadership in turning around the city of Cranston and his plan to turn around Rhode Island.

-Team Fung  


As you may have already seen, Governor Chris Christie is coming into town on Friday!  We are excited that Governor Christie, the RGA Chairman, will make a stop in Rhode Island. Governor Christie's visit only further highlights how competitive this race is and just how important this election is for the people of Rhode Island. Mayor Fung was the first Asian-American Mayor of Cranston and is now the first Asian-American to run for Governor in Rhode Island.The stop by Governor Christie reinforces the new 50 state strategy being implemented by the party. Republican Governors are leading the American Comeback, just like Mayor Fung did in Cranston.

As Governor, Mayor Fung will transform Rhode Island's economy and will implement strong tax reform and business policies for all Rhode Islanders, making Rhode Island one of the most business friendly states in the Northeast.

Momentum is on our side and we are excited for the final weeks of the campaign.Will you make an immediate contribution and help us build our momentum?   

We are grateful for your continued support!

Fung's Plan Will Help Rhode Island Taxpayers

On SundayThe Providence Journal completed a side-by-side comparison between Mayor Fung's "Open for Business" Plan and his opponent's plan to create additional government bureaucracy.

Edward M. Mazze, the University of Rhode Island's Distinguished Professor of Business Administration, said of Fung's plan in proposing tax cuts and the streamlining of regulation is "pro-business, pro-economic development and pro-job creation."

According to URI Economics Professor, Leonard Lardaro, "Fung's plan is realistic and a bit more encompassing than that of Raimondo. What the state ... desperately needs is to reinvent itself from the bottom up, providing us with major structural changes that will make us more competitive as we move forward."

Gary Sasse, the Director of the Hassenfeld Institute for Public Leadership at Bryant University gave Fung's "Open for Business" Plan points for proposing "a comprehensive tax competitiveness initiative."


The cornerstone of Mayor Fung's "Open for Business" Plan is a comprehensive tax reform package that would reduce state taxes by nearly $200 million, making Rhode Island one of the most business friendly states in the Northeast and sending a message to business owners in Rhode Island and throughout the region that they will have a partner in the Fung administration.  Fung's plan also calls for streamlining government regulation and requiring government agencies to respond promptly to business and permitting applications and requests.

As the Mayor of Cranston, Allan Fung created an economic environment that brought new businesses into the city and helped current businesses expand. The result was more than 1,000 new jobs. Now Mayor Fung will rely upon the same principles that made Cranston more business friendly to turn around the Rhode Island economy and bring jobs to our state.

In contrast, Raimondo's economic plan centers on new government bureaucracy, with no way to pay the costs. Our state does not need another government program to risk any more tax dollars on speculative giveaways that benefit political insiders.

To learn more about Mayor Fung's "Open for Business" Plan, click here

熟悉羅州選情的人透露,初選過後,羅州州長誰屬,就看代表共和黨的馮偉杰和代表民主黨的雷萌朵(Gino Raimondo)誰更討選民歡心。由於雷萌朵擔任羅州財長期間,在退休金方面惹惱了很多工會分子,而馮偉杰在三任克蘭斯頓市(Cranston)市長任內,卻能不但沒加稅,還能創造一千多個工作機會,把克市政府預算扭虧為盈,讓許多面對經濟不景,有改善生活壓力的羅州居民把希望寄託在他身上。
馮偉杰這天為感謝支持他的華人群眾,以廣東話為致詞開頭,實在說不完整時,才改回英文。他表示,參選州長是因為他在擔任克市市長期間,看到羅德島州政府有許多措施不妥當,讓他希望把自己在克市做出來的施政成績,包括把市府的意外儲備金(rainy day fund),從零存到二千二百萬元左右,擴大到全州去,讓更多人獲益。

羅州英文報章指出,如果雷萌朵當選羅州州長,她將是羅德島州從1992年以來的第一個民主黨籍州長。羅德島州的現任州長查菲(Lincoln Chafee2010年當選時無黨籍,去年轉為民主黨籍。如果馮偉杰當選,他將是羅德島州從1984年以來的第八任共和黨籍州長。羅州前一位共和黨籍州長卡瑞希(Don Carcieri)在2002年時以54%的得票率當選,2006年時,再以51%的得票率當選。



      為凝聚卅內華裔選民的力量、僑界在九月廿七日趁浙江大學文琴藝術團在PAWTUCKET TOLMAN HIGH SCHOOL免費演出後,在演出場地的對岸、擧辦全僑支持馮偉傑參選卅長盛會,讓華裔選民親晤馮巿長以示支持。希望整個僑界能有錢出錢、有票投票、協力同心。


日期:   九月廿七日  下午3:30 - 5:30
內容:    馮巿長親臨簡述選舉政綱

陳任卓 楊慶 葉超 王䁱元 吳子平 何文潮  陳和楝 刘健匡 黄超炎 黄凤慈 陆威婷     敬邀



    日期:九月廿七日  下午2:00 - 3:30
    地點: TOLMAN HIGH SCHOOL,150 Exchange St.  PAWTUCKET
    內容:中國專程赴美  歌舞文藝精彩表演

  WATER FIRE (孔子學院成立十週年特別慶祝)

   日期: 九月廿七日 下午五時至午夜
   內容: 文化藝術演出

Dear Friends,

We are very excited to release our new television commercial and would like you to be the first to see it.


Allan Fung:  "One of Us.  Working for Us."
Cranston - The Fung for Governor Campaign today released the first television advertisement of the General Election campaign. The ad, which is entitled "American Dream" highlights Mayor Allan Fung's working class background and recalls his parents' decision to leave their homes in search of the American dream. Through this advertisement, voters are reminded of Fung's most notable accomplishments as Mayor of Cranston, including freezing taxes for three consecutive years and bringing more than one thousand new, private sector jobs to the community. The message continues with Fung's commitment to achieve the same results for the State of Rhode Island and to provide real opportunity for the next generation.
The advertisement concludes with a tagline, "One of Us.  Working for Us." to reinforce Fung's commitment to honor his roots as a member of a hard-working family, which operated a Rhode Island small business, and to create economic opportunity to benefit all Rhode Islanders.
"I am using this advertisement to remind voters that I share the background of many of our hard-working residents and that I am committed to restoring our economy and creating real job opportunities that will make the American dream available to the next generation, just as it was available when my parents came to Rhode Island almost fifty years ago," concluded Fung.
The ad will begin to air Friday, September 19th.

Dear friends,
Thank you so much for all of your hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm in support of my campaign for Governor. Our victory on Tuesday was the first step in taking back control of the Statehouse for the men and women of Rhode Island.
Now that we have had a chance to catch our breath and survey the landscape, there can be no doubt that we have the momentum to carry us to victory in November! It's time to roll up our sleeves and get back to work. We must ensure that all Rhode Islanders know about my plans to turn around our economy, bring jobs back to Rhode Island, and clean up the way our state government operates.
We only have 53 days left to reach the voters of Rhode Island and let them know about my plans to make Rhode Island 'Open for Business' once again.
Can I count on you to help right away to rebuild my campaign account with an immediate contribution of $53, $100, $250, or even a maximum donation of $1000 today?
In the past few weeks, I called on every one of my supporters to pitch in and the response was overwhelming. We made tens of thousands of phone calls, sent thousands of letters and postcards, and knocked on doors and put up signs from Woonsocket to Westerly. I simply could not have asked for more.

We won a hard fought victory; but it was a costly one. Our advertising and operational expenses drained my campaign accounts of precious resources that I will need to be competitive in the General Election. I must have the funding needed for advertising, signs, postage, and supplies to get us through the final weeks of the campaign.
I know that my plans to turn around Rhode Island's economy and clean up the Statehouse are the right thing to do. I need your help to get that message out to the rest of the voters in Rhode Island.
I thank you for your past support and hope that you will continue to stand with me and all of Team Fung on this journey to November 4th.
Best regards,AllanFung
Allan Fung

兩名共和黨籍的麻州前任州長,朗尼(Mitt Romney),威爾德(William Weld)都被書支持馮偉杰參選羅德島州州長。

To view this email as a web page, go here.

Please join Team Fung, along with fellow endorsed Republican candidates, tomorrow at our election night Victory Rally at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick. Doors open at 7:30pm, this is sure to be an event you do not want to miss!


Rhode Island has been searching for a leader to get this state back on track and Mayor Allan Fung is that person. Spread the word, invite your friends, family, neighbors, & co-workers to join us tomorrow in the Plaza Ballroom inside the Crowne Plaza hotel at 7:30 and you can s
pend Primary Night with the next Governor of Rhode Island.

If you are available before 7:30, please come to our headquarters in Cranston, 21 Chapel View Blvd (in the Shaw's Market Plaza) and help us Get Our Vote Out! Supporters will be phone banking until the polls close at 8.

Thank you so much,

Dear Friends & Supporters,

Will you please take a minute to view this important message from Mayor Allan Fung?

Click Here   


Thank you for your support,

-Team Fung  

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

I am very excited to announce the release of my latest campaign advertisement in anticipation of the Primary Election on Tuesday, September 9th.

I hope you will watch this ad and think about the future that you would like for Rhode Island.
I am proud to have the endorsement of former Massachusetts Governor and presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.  As Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney achieved the type of economic growth that we need so badly in Rhode Island.  I am running for Governor because I have a plan to bring jobs to our state and once again make Rhode Island "Open for Business."
I have a proven track record:  reforming government to reduce the cost to taxpayers, controlling spending to generate budget surpluses for three straight years, and creating a stable, business friendly environment to attract more than 1,000 new jobs to the City of Cranston.
I am proud to have Mitt Romney's endorsement and I am even more proud of my record of real reform.  We froze property taxes for three straight years, reformed public pensions saving millions of dollars for City taxpayers, moved new employees for two major unions into 401(k)'s, and consolidated services.
As your next governor, I will cut spending and taxes to make our state the best place in the Northeast to run a business.  I will reform state government to eliminate insider deals, giveaways, and costly perks to make our government accountable and transparent.
Rhode Islanders deserve better and we can create a brighter future for our state, just as we did in the City of Cranston.
Primary voters have a choice in this Election.  While my opponent offers the empty political promises of a typical politician, I have the record of action.

Please vote for me, Allan Fung in the Republican Primary this Tuesday, September 9th.

Thank you,

Allan Fung   

To view this email as a web page, go here.
Dear Friends,

There is a clear choice in this year's election for Governor of Rhode Island and that is my friend Mayor Allan Fung. Allan turned around Cranston and he will do the same for Rhode Island. On September 9th, please cast your ballot for Mayor Allan Fung in the Republican Primary for Governor. The future of Rhode Island depends on it.

Mitt Romney


Dear Friends,
Earlier today, the Fung for Governor Campaign released a new television ad and you can be one of the first to see it! The latest ad is entitled "Talk or Action," which describes the choice facing voters in the September 9th Primary Election.
The only choice for Republican Primary voters on September 9th is to elect Allan Fung, a real reformer with a proven record of success.  While Allan's opponent, Ken Block offers smooth talk and the empty promises of a typical politician, Allan Fung has a record of bold reforms and real results, including:
·         Three years with no tax increase and three years with a budget surplus;
·         Pension reform that saved Cranston taxpayers $6 million in just one year;
·         First ever 401(k) type retirement plans instead of costly pensions for new city employees;
·         Consolidation of services with other cities and towns to cut expenses;
·         Reducing staff and eliminating City vehicles for the Mayor and Chief of Staff;
·         Cutting through complicated red tape to help local businesses; and
·         Bringing more than one thousand new private sector jobs to the City of Cranston.
When Allan Fung talks about his plan to end insider deals and bring accountability to the Statehouse, we know it's real because he has done it already in Cranston.  When Allan Fung talks about his plan to lower taxes and control spending, we know it's real because he has a proven record of success.  When Allan Fung talks about creating jobs throughout Rhode Island, we know it's real because he has taken action and brought more than 1,000 to the City of Cranston.
Then there's Ken Block, with his smooth talk and the empty rhetoric of a typical politician, but Block's actions tell a very different story.  Ken Block talks reform, but when he needed to fill the political war chest for his Moderate Party, he funneled tens of thousands of dollars into his coffers, illegally.  After admitting his guilt and paying thousands in fines, he still calls the enforcement action "political retribution."
Now Block refuses to release his tax returns, something every other major candidate in the race has done already.  When asked by the media, Block said he needed to protect information about company contracts, but four months later his campaign disclosed contract information in a press release, seeking political gain.
How can Ken Block claim to be an "outsider" when he is the founder of the Moderate Party, a two-time candidate for Governor and president of companies that make their money from state government funding?  Block offers just the kind of hypocrisy and double talk that Rhode Islanders have seen year after year and now it's time for a change.
On September 9th Republican Primary voters will have an opportunity to choose Allan Fung's actions and reforms - and to reject political talk and more empty promises.  Will you make the choice for a proven reformer and vote for Allan Fung? Let us know by filling out this quick survey!

Thank you for your support,

-The Committee For Allan Fung 

My Fellow Rhode Islanders,

Did you hear the great news that we announced last week about our success in the City of Cranston?

You probably know by now that we have balanced our city budget for three straight years without a tax increase for property owners in the City.  But last week, we announced that for the third year in a row, we accumulated a budget surplus!

These days, it's always the same story about out-of-control government spending and increasing government debt -- except in Cranston, where we have accomplished real reform and put an end to business-as-usual.  The result has been a real turn around for the residents of Cranston.

Three years without a tax increase and three years with budget a surplus!  Wouldn't it be great to have the same kind of reform; the same kind of turnaround for all of Rhode Island?

That, my friend, is the reason I am running for Governor and if you believe that Rhode Island needs a turnaround to match the results we have accomplished in Cranston, then I need your help right away.

We have accomplished real reform, reduced the cost of government, kept taxes from increasing, and brought MORE THAN ONE THOUSAND NEW JOBS into the City of Cranston.

We can do it statewide, but I will need your help to get to the Statehouse so I can shake things up there, just as I did in Cranston.  Best of all, it's easy to help!

1. Click here to make a donation to the Fung for Governor Campaign.  Whatever you can afford will help.  Did you realize that a contribution of $25 would allow us to buy 5 yard signs?  $250 will put ads on the radio and $500 would help pay for TV commercials.

2. Come to our new headquarters in Chapel View Shopping Center to volunteer.  Just a few hours of your time can help to get our message out to the voters that Rhode Island needs a real reformer in the Governor's Office.

3. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO VOTE IN THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARY ELECTION ON SEPTEMBER 9TH Voter turnout is notoriously low in primary elections and we need you and your family to take a stand for real reform and bring the great results we have seen in Cranston to the rest of Rhode Island.  Please contact my headquarters to find out if you are eligible to vote in the primary. Our number is 401-738-4468

Thank you for your support and I ask for your votes on September 9th and November 4th because together, we can turn around Rhode Island.
August 19, 2014- Cranston- Mayor Allan Fung is pleased to announce that the City of Cranston is again projecting a municipal surplus for FY ’14.

“The hard work and difficult financial decisions made by my administration have resulted in Cranston once again finishing the year in the black.  My financial stewardship of the city and leadership on issues like pension reform, moving bargaining units into 401(k)’s, and tight controls on spending, have benefitted our residents where it counts the most: holding the line on property tax increases for three straight years,” said Mayor Fung.

Finance Director Robert Strom has projected this surplus based upon the current result of operations for FY ’14.  Please note that this is an unaudited projection at this time and it is subject for review by our independent financial auditors.

The all new Fung for Governor Campaign Headquarters is OPEN FOR BUSINESS and you're invited to a campaign rally this Saturday to celebrate the grand opening.

Team Fung is growing every day.  Our old office was busting at the seams and we needed another location with lots of space for more volunteers.  Please join us this Saturday, August 16th, between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm at 21 Chapel View Boulevard (right next to Shaw's Supermarket) in Cranston.

We'll have food for the whole family, yard signs, and bumper stickers to take with you and we'll show you how easy it is to help us reach out to our supporters to ensure they vote for Allan Fung in the September 9th Primary Election.

Already, Team Fung has made thousands of phone calls to Get Out The Vote on Primary Day, but we're just getting started.  September 9th is only four weeks away and we need your help now more than ever.

To RSVP:  please click here to send an e-mail to our Volunteer Coordinator, Liz Smith, and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Thank you,

Patrick Sweeney
Campaign Manager

Cranston – The Fung for Governor Campaign today released its most recent campaign advertisement featuring Mayor Allan Fung speaking directly to voters about his upbringing and his record as a proven reformer, fiscal conservative and job creator, who stands up for the average Rhode Islander.

Entitled, “Open for Business” the ad begins by describing Fung’s upbringing and the opportunity that Rhode Island provided to his parents, who operated a Chinese restaurant in Cranston.  Fung relates his parents’ pursuit of the American dream and his hard work in their family restaurant, even at a young age, recalling, “My parents came to America searching for opportunity.  They found it in Rhode Island.  They opened a restaurant and before I could reach the counter, I worked alongside them.”

As the advertisement continues, voters are reminded of several of Fung’s accomplishments as Mayor of Cranston, including freezing taxes for three consecutive years, reforming public pensions to save millions of dollars for City taxpayers, and bringing more than one thousand new, private sector jobs to the City. “I’ll do the same as Governor,” proclaims Fung.

The ad concludes by highlighting some of Fung’s proposals to bring real reform to state government and to act as a fiscally conservative leader, including the elimination of costly perks, such as free health care coverage for state lawmakers, with Fung stating:  “Stopping the perks, the powerful, the payoffs, challenging the old way of doing business, making Rhode Island open for business once again.”  This final statement from Fung refers to a number of reforms he has proposed in recent weeks.  These reforms include opposition to paying the 38 Studios bonds and his letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission calling for an investigation into the possibility of insider trading.  Fung also has called for government reforms including term limits, voter initiative, a line item veto, increased Ethics Commission authority over the General Assembly, and his pledge to keep lobbyists off the panel that recommends judges.

The advertisement concludes with a tag line, “Conservative Reform for Rhode Island” to reinforce Fung’s commitment to make fundamental changes in the way we spend tax dollars, just as he did in Cranston.  “I am using this advertisement to tell the voters directly about my record of reform in Cranston and my commitment to put a stop to the insider deals and the giveaways.  Most of all, I will be conservative with the taxpayer’s money, just as I have been in Cranston.  The result will be to make Rhode Island ‘Open for Business’ once again,” concluded Fung.

The ad may be viewed here:  http://youtu.be/nvkmUoQ3mp8.

Providence Republicans Embrace Fung Record of Spending Cuts and Job Creation, Distrustful of Block’s Unemployment Tax Increases and Unidentified Spending Cuts

Cranston – Today, the Fung for Governor Campaign proudly announced the Providence Republican City Committee’s endorsement of Allan Fung for Governor.  During the first televised debate of the Republican Primary Election, Mayor Allan Fung took his opponent to task, exposing Ken Block’s plan to increase unemployment taxes on Rhode Island businesses, the bogus math and empty rhetoric of Block’s economic plan, and Block’s recent support for liberal policies, such as Obamacare.  In the debate, Fung also criticized Block’s history of funneling illegal campaign contributions to his Moderate Party.  One day later, the Providence Republicans lined up with Fung and granted their endorsement by an overwhelming majority vote.

The Providence Republican City Committee last evening became the seventeenth of Rhode Island’s Republican city and town committees to endorse Fung.  With only one week until the Rhode Island Republican Party’s statewide convention, the Fung for Governor Campaign anticipates receiving several more endorsements prior to the convention.  Block meanwhile, has not received an endorsement from any city or town committee.

To date, the following committees have endorsed Fung:  Burrillville, Cranston, East Greenwich, Exeter, Foster, Glocester, Middletown, Narragansett, Newport, North Providence, Pawtucket, Providence, Scituate, Warren, Warwick, Westerly, and Woonsocket.  Additionally, the Rhode Island Young Republicans and the Rhode Island Republican Party’s National Committeeman, Steven Frias and National Committeewoman, Carol Mumford both have endorsed Fung.

Fung appeared before the Providence Committee to explain further his plan for spending cuts and tax reductions to make Rhode Island the most competitive state in the Northeast in which to run a business.  He also discussed his roots growing up in Providence and answered specific questions about his plans for job creation to improve the economic climate in urban areas and throughout the state.  Committee members were informed that Block was invited but unable to attend the meeting.

“The Providence Republican City Committee gave a nearly unanimous vote of approval to Mayor Fung in the campaign for Governor,” stated committee member Dave Talan.  “Members of the Committee were very impressed by Allan’s performance in the debate and believe in his plans to turn around the State of Rhode Island by cutting spending and creating jobs, just as he did in Cranston.“

Talan, the immediate past-Chair of the Providence GOP and currently the Corresponding Secretary of the state GOP, added “Allan Fung understands the challenges facing Providence, since he grew up on the south side of the city.  In fact, I have followed him since he was a ten year old playing in the Elmwood Little League.”  Talan also recalled the late State Representative Mary Ross from Providence’s West End, the most recent Republican elected official in the city, who held campaign fundraisers at the Kong Wen Restaurant, which was owned by Fung’s parents.  “One of the people who served us then was Allan Fung, as a young law student and the son of the owners.  So even then, twenty years ago, Allan Fung was serving Republicans,” concluded Talan.

羅德島州的州長選戰,十七日晚推出共和黨籍候選人首場電視辯論。克蘭斯頓市市長馮偉杰和對手布洛克(Ken Block)各陳己見。羅州普域敦斯報(Providence Journal)稱兩人觀點相近。
共和黨籍的兩名候選人,分別是已連任三屆的克蘭斯頓市現任市長馮偉杰(Allan Fung),以及在巴靈頓(Barrington)市經營軟體公司的布洛克(Ken Block)。
他們倆人都曾經轉換過黨派歸屬。馮偉杰曾經加入民主黨。布洛克則在2010年時,以溫和黨(Moderate Party)領導身份參選過羅德島州州長。
            十七日晚,由普域敦斯報(Providence Journal)和WPRI-TV主辦,他倆在羅德島州普域敦斯表演藝術中心做了首場電視辯論。
        布洛克在辯論會中指控馮偉杰對該市的警察濫發120 多張左右停車罰單給兩名市議員,以報復他們未支持警察局預算的醜聞,處理不當,不適於擔任州長。他也稱馮偉杰是傷害羅州改變向好企圖的那類政治圈中人之一,表示只有像他這樣的局外人,才能修補羅州缺失。
            普域敦斯報指出,在二名共和黨,四名民主黨的六名州長候選人當中,共和黨的這兩名候選人最早展開攻訐戰,互控對方不是。但這兩人的主要政見卻非常相似,包括都支持減稅來刺激企業及就業機會成長,限制槍枝,發駕照給無証移民,反對大麻合法化,還都贊成不必還錢給貸款給電動遊戲公司-38工作室的投資者。該公司由紅襪隊前球員Curt Schiling所創辦,經營失敗,宣佈破產。
            民主黨籍的羅德島州州長候選人,主要有三人,已於六月十一日做過辯論。這三人分別是羅德島州現任財政廳廳長Gina Raimondo;普域敦斯市市長,也是馮偉杰的高中同學塔維諾斯(Angel Taveras);以及華裔溜冰冠軍關穎珊的律師丈夫貝爾(Clay Pell)。

            羅德島州的兩名共和黨籍候選人,克蘭斯頓市現任市長馮偉杰(Allan Fung)(右),軟體公司總裁布洛克(Ken Block)(左)出席首場電視辯論。(圖由馮偉杰競選陣營提供)

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Fung Highlights Record of Public Service vs. Block's Self Serving Agenda

Cranston - Last night, Mayor Allan Fung, candidate for Governor of Rhode Island participated in the first televised debate of the Republican Primary Election, taking his opponent to task for a liberal agenda including tax increases and support for Obamacare.  At the same time, Fung highlighted his own record of achievement in standing up for the taxpayers of Cranston, cutting government spending, reforming pensions, and balancing budgets without a tax increase for three straight years.  This evening, Fung participated in his first ever televised debate against Ken Block, who four years ago ran an ill-fated third party campaign for governor.  Block's 2010 campaign launched attacks against the Republican Party, while gaining only six percent of the vote.  Many Republicans believe Block secured a victory for then-independent, now Democrat, Governor Lincoln Chafee.

Fung stood firm in defending his campaign advertisements exposing Block's record of support for President Obama and his highly controversial health care law, Obamacare.  "Republican Primary Election voters and all voters of Rhode Island deserve to know the truth about Mr. Block's record," recounted Fung.  Obamacare resulted in countless new government mandates and billions of dollars in new government spending, and Mr. Block endorsed Obamacare as the justification for voting twice for President Obama - before enactment and after enactment of Obamacare.  "Voters deserve to know the truth," stated Fung.

Fung also highlighted his achievements as a proven leader during his time as Mayor of Cranston, citing "Real Reform and Real Results," most notably the creation of more than 1,000 new private sector jobs, cutting municipal spending and balancing budgets for three straight years without a tax increase in the city.  "It's about results not rhetoric," exclaimed Fung, pointing to his record of fiscal reforms and the creation of well over 1,000 new jobs.  Fung cited his success in creating an environment that attracts new businesses and encourages existing business to grow and expand.  Fung has cut operational spending and improved the long term fiscal health of the City, cut through the red tape that causes crippling delays and will do the same for the State of Rhode Island to create the most favorable business environment in the entire Northeast.

Fung laid out the details of his $200 million comprehensive tax reform plan, which would reduce corporate, sales, and estate taxes and cut in half the minimum corporate tax, all of which hold back growth and job creation among Rhode Island employers.  "On day one of the Fung administration, we will declare Rhode Island 'Open for Business'," Fung reiterated.  Fung also identified spending cuts that would reduce the size of the state budget to offset reductions in revenue.

At the same time, Fung exposed the "bogus billion dollar plan" that Block promotes as the basis for his candidacy.  Fung referred to the assessment put forth by Governor Lincoln Almond, who declared Block's plan as the "empty rhetoric of a typical politician."  Fung exposed the most glaring deception in Block's "Bogus Billion Dollar Plan," which purports to identify savings within Rhode Island's unemployment insurance program, but in reality is a cost shifting program that would not actually reduce spending but would raise unemployment taxes on certain industries that rely on seasonal workers - such as tourism and hospitality, construction, landscaping, and agricultural businesses.  Fung spoke directly to the tourism industry and specifically to the President/CEO of the Rhode Island Hospitality Association, stating, "Dale Venturini, if you are listening you should be very scared," warning that if elected, Ken Block would seek to raise taxes on the hospitality industry.

Fung stood his ground against attacks from Block questioning his character and ethical standards.  Fung noted that no one ever has questioned his integrity or ethics and that it was Block who was fined by the Rhode Island Board of Elections after admitting to illegally funneling campaign contributions to the Rhode Island Moderate Party, which Block founded and controlled.

Fung supporters lined the sidewalks outside the Providence performing Arts Center to welcome Fung to the debate and reacted enthusiastically to his performance.  Fung promised to ramp up efforts to publicize his achievements and to expose the liberal Ken Block agenda heading into the Rhode Island Republican Party's nominating convention, scheduled for Thursday June 26.