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DAE廣告公司籌劃之AARP微信項目 榮獲美國亞裔廣告協會年度數位行銷大獎

AARP’s WeChat Campaign by DAE
Wins 3AF Digital Campaign of the Year Award

Left to right: Sky Zhang, Junior Strategist, DAE; Chien Hwang, Executive Creative Director, DAE; June Kao, Marketing Consultant, AARP; and Genny Hom-Franzen, Executive Director, 3AF.
從左到右:DAE廣告公司初級策略員Sky Zhang、DAE創意總監黃建裕、AARP市場營銷顧問June Kao和美國亞裔廣告協會行政總監Genny Hom-FranzenDownload photo here. 點擊此處下載照片. 

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 29, 2017 – AARP’s “North American Joyful Age” campaign by DAE won 3AF’s inaugural Digital Campaign of the Year Award, an honor given to an agency that demonstrates excellence in engaging audiences via interactive or digital tactics. Presented by the Asian American Advertising Federation (3AF) at its Asian Marketing Summit in Los Angeles earlier this month, the award recognizes the best in culture and in-language creative work in the Asian American advertising and marketing industry.

Intent on ramping up its reach to the Chinese American segment, AARP looked beyond traditional media to expand its online presence to the burgeoning 50-plus digital consumer base. Fueled by research that revealed that Chinese Americans age 50-plus are digitally powered and socially empowered, DAE launched AARP’s “North American Joyful Age” (北美乐龄族) account on WeChat, the leading social media and lifestyle mobile application in China. AARP shared customized content with Chinese Americans about relevant community issues like health and wellness, fitness, food, fraud prevention, and financial security.

Video ads featuring celebrity chef Martin Yan engaged and educated audiences who wanted to learn more about his philosophy on healthy living, and broadened AARP’s presence in the Chinese American community. Additionally, in-language posts featuring former San Francisco District Attorney investigator Audrey Moy spotlighted simple everyday tips to help prevent fraud and financial scams. This was a significant opportunity to shed light on taboo, but prevalent topics within the Chinese American segment.  

“DAE created a campaign to help us find new ways to reach Chinese Americans age 50-plus and their families,” said Daphne Kwok, AARP Vice President of Multicultural Leadership, Asian American and Pacific Islander Audience Strategy. “WeChat was the perfect vehicle to engage bilingual and bicultural Chinese American families looking for AARP resources to help them improve their lives.”

The WeChat campaign incorporated a variety of interactive content to both educate and entertain readers, including infographics, a Chinese rap song, surveys, contests, games, offline events, and videos. Over the course of 11 weeks, the campaign exceeded expectations, reaching more than 115,000 people, accumulated more than 195,000 page views, and gained 3,000 new WeChat followers.

“We wanted to tell authentic stories of AARP members and their achievements as they age,” says Chien Hwang, Executive Creative Director at DAE. “To inform and connect, but most importantly, to be a natural part of the Chinese American community. Being part of the conversations on these digital platforms allowed us to do that.”

“We congratulate DAE and AARP for their strategic and innovative approach to the many Chinese American consumers age 50-plus who, thanks to the rise of technology, have increasingly become more familiar with—and may ultimately prefer— digesting mobile content,” said Jay Kim, President of the 3AF, a national trade organization comprised of Asian American advertising agencies, Asian market advertisers, Asian media companies and other industry specialists.

【華盛頓哥倫比亞特區2017年6月29日訊】DAE廣告公司針對AARP機構推出的“North American Joyful Age”(北美樂齡族)微信推廣運動獲得空前成功,最近更贏得Asian American Advertising Federation(美國亞裔廣告協會,簡稱3AF)首個年度數位行銷大獎,以表揚DAE靈活運用互動功能與數位技術成功吸引受眾的卓越表現。


AARP為了深入接觸美國華裔社區,因此跨越傳統媒體,將眼光投向日益增長的50歲以上數位消費群體,建立線上業務。研究發現,50歲以上的美國華裔一般具有使用數位產品和社交媒體的能力,在此前題的驅使下,DAE廣告公司於是在中國領先的社交媒體和生活文化應用程序微信上推出了AARP “North American Joyful Age”(北美樂齡族)群組。AARP通過此群組與美國華人討論醫療與健康、健身、食品、預防詐騙和財務安全等和民眾息息相關的社區議題。

該微信群組經常發佈一些相當實用的視頻,包括華裔名廚Martin Yan(甄文達)向觀眾分享他的健康生活理念、AARP如何深入美國華人社區、還有舊金山地檢處前偵查員Audrey Moy(梅綺蘭)以中文介紹簡單的日常防範之道,幫助民眾保護自己免受欺詐和各類財務騙局。群組為民眾提供了一個重要的渠道,讓大家討論一些平常難以啟齒,但在美國華人社區中普遍存在的禁忌話題。

“DAE成功創建了一個行銷方案,幫助我們找到更多能夠接觸50歲以上華裔和其家人的方式。”AARP多元文化引領亞太裔受眾副總裁Daphne Kwok(郭為婉)說:“微信是一個很好的平台,吸引和幫助雙語和雙文化華裔家庭獲得AARP的資源以幫助他們改善生活。”


“我們想將AARP會員在逐漸年長過程中所獲得的成就和故事,如實地告訴給大家。”DAE廣告公司創意總監 Chien Hwang(黄建裕)說:“我們希望與觀眾分享信息,同時和他們建立聯繫,但最重要的是必須自然地成為華裔社區一分子。我們通過這些數位平台進行對話,便可以做到這一點。”

“我們祝賀DAE和AARP善用策略性和創新性思維,成功吸引許多50歲以上的華裔消費人群。由於技術的興起,他們對移動內容越來越熟悉,移動內容最終甚至有可能發展成為這些人群的閱讀首選,”美國亞裔廣告協會主席Jay Kim說。美國亞裔廣告協會一個由美國亞裔廣告公司、亞裔市場廣告商,亞裔媒體公司和其他行業專家組成的全國性貿易組織。