NEACP 頂大學人講座 24

The New England Association of Chinese Professionals (NEACP) 紐英崙中華專業人員協會 is organizing their 17th Culture Tour 文化之旅, visiting Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) on Wednesday, June 21, 2017.  Subject will be the MFA’s current special exhibitions including “Matisse in the Studio” and “China’s 8 Brokens: Puzzles of the Treasured Past.”. After the tour, one could visit MFA’s other exhibitions at leisure or join the group for dinner.

Exhibition Descriptions: see below

This event is open to all who are interested.  Admission is free for NEACP members and students. $15 for all others paid on the day of tour.  Maximum 30 people accepted. Registration is required before Monday, June 12, 2017. Dinner $40 per person.

The Agenda on Wednesday, June 21, 2017 will be:
4:50 PM sharp: meet at MFA Main Entrance at Huntington Avenue.

5-5:50 PM: guided tour with Mr. Adam Tessier, Museum’s Head of Interpretation, on MFA's sepcial exhibition: “Matisse in the Studio.”

5:50-6:40 PM: guided tour with Ms. Nancy Berliner 白铃安 (Wu Tung Curator of Chinese Art) on the special exhibition:  “China’s 8 Brokens: Puzzles of the Treasured Past.” The tour will also passing through the new Song Gallery.  The centerpiece of the gallery is the larger-than-life wood polychrome sculpture, Guanyin 彩色木雕觀音, Bodhisattva of Compassion (early 12th century). 

6:50- 8:30 PM: dinner at MFA's  Bravo restaurant. $40 per person.
Bravo Chef fixed a special three courses menu (vegetarian available), with first course, main course, and desert, plus coffee or tea, and red or white wine. Tax and gratuity are included. This is a special discounted price for our group only.

Please contact Cathy Chan (譚嘉) via Email: jialintan58@gmail.com , before Monday, June 12, 2017 for registration.  Please provide your email address and cell phone for contact, specify the number of participants, and whether you will join us for dinner. Free museum admission and free parking are provided for all participants.

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Exhibition Descriptions

“Matisse in the Studio” / Tour with Adam Tessier, Head of Interpretation

Henri Matisse—who revolutionized 20th-century art—believed that a treasured group of objects was instrumental to his studio practice. “Matisse in the Studio” is the first major international exhibition to examine the importance of Matisse’s personal collection of objects, offering unprecedented insight into the great artist’s creativity. See these rare pairings of Matisse’s major works with objects of inspiration in “Matisse in the Studio” in its only US venue at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Five thematic sections—“The Object Is an Actor,” “The Nude,” “The Face,” “Studio as Theatre,” and “Essential Forms”—feature a range of works in a variety of media from different points in the artist’s career. Approximately 36 paintings, 26 drawings, 11 bronzes, nine cut-outs, three prints, and an illustrated book by Matisse are showcased alongside about 39 works from his studio collection—many on loan from private collections and publicly exhibited outside of France for the first time. They include a pewter jug, a chocolate maker given as a wedding present, and an Andalusian vase found in Spain, as well as textiles, sculptures and masks from the various Islamic, Asian, and African traditions that Matisse admired. An illustrated catalogue accompanies the exhibition with contributions by renowned Matisse scholars.

“China’s 8 Brokens: Puzzles of the Treasured Past” / Tour with Nancy Berliner, Wu Tung Curator of Chinese Art

The first-ever exhibition dedicated to bapo (or “eight brokens”) painting, a revolutionary artistic genre that emerged in China during the mid-19th century.

Eight is a lucky number in Chinese culture, and bapo refers to the damaged cultural ephemera hyper-realistically depicted in the paintings—worm-eaten calligraphies, partial book pages, burned paintings, remnants of rubbings and torn-open letters. They are usually arranged in a haphazard, collage-like composition, created with Chinese ink and colors on paper or silk. When bapo emerged, this unexpected imagery was radically distinct from classical Chinese landscape and figure painting, and became popular among an aspiring urban middle class delighted by its visual trickery and sophistication. After 1949, the art form was largely forgotten, but has recently been rediscovered by contemporary artists and collectors. The rediscovery of bapo has prompted curators to now decipher the puzzle of the meaning of the images. This exhibition presents some of the finest examples of bapo paintings dating back to the 19th century, as well as a contemporary work by artist Geng Xuezhi, and includes new acquisitions and loans from museums and private collections located in the United States and Asia. They are interspersed with three-dimensional decorative and functional objects that display bapo imagery.

               Harvard Chinese Culture Workshop
          Chinese Writers Association in N. America,
           New England Chapter

時間:2017615週四下午 2:00-5:30  pm       
地點:哈佛燕京圖書館聚會廳 ~
Harvard-Yenching  Library Common Room
2  Divinity  Ave. Cambridge,  MA  02138                 

林鶴宜 教授

演講: 臺北  北京的發展關係

臺灣政治大學資訊科學系特聘教授   哈佛東亞系訪問學者
IQSS 及費正清中國研究中心訪問學者
演講:台灣數位人文的發展近況:以小說《西遊記》和《紅樓夢》與漢詩《 全唐詩》《全宋詞》的分析為例

蘆玲  教授


召集:鄭 洪   與張 鳳 changphong@gmail.com                                                               
達 王申培 王正軍 王開成 黃綠 朱紹昌 李強 
唐微 齊雅明 舒龍 依娃 姚蜀平 黃鏡明 韓拱辰 

***  ***


教授,臺灣大學中國文學博士,臺灣大學戲劇學系暨研究所教授、《戲劇研究》學報總編輯、《民俗曲藝》戲曲類主編。現為哈佛大學費正清中心訪問學人,曾兩度擔任臺灣大學戲劇學系暨研究所主任。主要著作有:東方即興劇場 歌仔戲「做活戲」》(2016)、《臺灣戲劇史(增修版)》(2015)、《從戲曲批評到理論建構》(2011)、《淬煉:陳剩的演藝風華和她的時代》(2008,與許美惠合著)、《從田野出發:歷史視角下的臺灣戲曲》(2007)、《光影、歷史、人物:歌仔戲老照片》(2004 ,與蔡欣欣合著)、《規律與變異:明清戲曲學辨疑》(2003、《臺灣歌仔戲》(2000)、《晚明戲曲劇種及聲腔研究》(1995)等書,中國及臺灣戲劇研究論文多篇。戲劇評論散見報章雜誌。


教授,羅得島大學歷史系優退教授 ,任教四十多年的

滕教授爲臺灣東海大學外文系學士,一九六二年畢業。来美後先在美國西方文理大學Occidental College獲外交及國際事務碩士,一九七二年於University of Wisconsin美國威斯康辛大學獲得歷史博士。

在校講授課程:東亞歷史、東亞外交史、 西方文明、當代中國及日本學、中國近代史,日本近代史、 現代東亞文化發展關係等等課程;

主要研究領域是東亞的外交歷史及當代的東亞情勢; 著有:Regionalism in Southeast Asia; Prince kung, The Survival of the Chin Dynasty in China; Historical Dictionary of Revolutionary China, 及最近出版的 East Asian Nationalism: China, Japan and Korea 


教授,哈佛東亞系訪問學者;也是IQSS & 費正清中國中心的訪問學者。
主要工作職位是政治大學資訊科學系特聘教授,同時參與語言學研究所之部分教學工作。台灣台北人。新竹清華大學電機學士與碩士, 美國密西根大學電機電腦系博士;主要專業是自然語言處理與人工智慧。近幾年在政治大學參與法商、政治與文史領域的文本分析工作, 包含英文、白話中文與文言中文的語料分析。實際參與的分析文本包含台灣與美國的上市公司財報、台灣法院的訴訟文書、 台灣平面媒體的報導、中國人民日報的報導、政治大學中國近現代思 想及文學史數據庫等。與中央研究院語言學研究所合作開發電腦輔助 漢字學習電腦遊戲。近兩年的工作主要是開發漢文所寫的詩歌的分析軟體工具,例如《全唐詩》、《全宋詞》及《全宋詩》。 20162017年間,經由傅爾布萊特基金會與頂尖大學聯盟之補助,參與哈佛大學中國歷代人物傳記資料庫的開發工作。 在這一計畫中,參與中國地方志與《唐代墓誌銘彙編》 的內容分析工作。


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NEACP 2017 Scholar Forum Series 

cosponsored with Education Division, TECO-Boston and MIT Taiwanese Student Association, 
June 24, Saturday 2-5pm at MIT Building 4, Room 231. 
Three outstanding speakers in three interesting fields are among the feast.  Please markup your calendar.  Hope to see you there.

 Best Regards,

Nutrition, the modern concern. 營養, 摩登的煩惱.

Over the past century, the opinions of nutrition swung like a pendulum. The information I will present is updated to March 2017.
I bet the internet overwhelms everyone with food advices.  How do we determine which one is believable?

Dr. Shiao-Yu Lee is a medical veteran for more than forty years and a retired medical faculty of Harvard Medical School.


Title: Recent Developments of Digital Humanities in Taiwan and China Biographical Database
The influences of employing digital resources and tools for humanities research grow significantly in recent years in Taiwan. Digital Humanities (DH) is the term for referring to this relatively new trend in the research community. In this brief talk, I will review the background for the current developments of DH in Taiwan, introduce the national plan for DH pedagogy in Taiwan, and present some interesting research DH projects in Taiwan. I will also discuss my work as a Fulbright and TUSA scholar at Harvard. We will see how computing technologies can be used to assist the construction of the China Biographical Database, which in turn is facilitating historical research about Chinese history worldwide. More specifically, we will go through examples of how we can extract information about named entities from historical documents that were written in classical Chinese.
Speaker Biography
Chao-Lin Liu is a distinguished professor of the National Chengchi University (NCCU) in Taiwan, while he also actively participates in the teaching and research activities in the Graduate Institute of Linguistics of NCCU. He received a doctorate in Intelligent Systems from the University of Michigan. In the past many years, he and his colleagues applied and designed computing methods for the analysis of documents about law, business, politics, literature, and history. Those documents were written in English, vernacular Chinese, and classical Chinese. He returns to Harvard as a Fulbright and TUSA scholar between August 2016 and July 2017, after his visit to Harvard as a visiting scholar in 2014. He participates in the China Biographical Database Project, led by Professor Peter K. Bol, for the current visit at Harvard.

Title:  A Short history of cartography

從英人John Thornton之English Pilot中的舟山地圖,囘顧120 C.E. Ptolomy's Geographia 到十四世紀的portolan 海圖,大發現時代荷蘭出版的地圙,Mercator 投影法,Waldseemuller 定名新大陸叫 America. 再看180 B.C.E.馬王堆的絹本地形圖,長沙以南到海的河流都正確,最有名的宋代ll37年的禹跡圖,以一百里為方格,江河及海岸線已如真。鄭和航海圖只剩茅元儀的武備志存有部分,已不如歐洲地圖之真確。緯度易測,經度很難,要到l760 Harrison制出Chronometer才有解決。
From 1703 John Thornton's English Pilot's Chusan map,we race back to Ptolomy's Geographia as the beginning of Western mapping, to 14 century's portolans, Dutch map production in the age of discovery, Mercator's projection,Waldseemuller's christening of new world as America. We will look at 180 B.C.E.'s map of Hunan to the south sea, 1137's map of China with its grid system, the remanent of Zheng He's sailing map which was not depicting the true land forms but only as sailing instructions. Ptolomy promoted longitude and latitude but only in 1760 with Harrison's Chronometer was longitude measurement becoming easy.
Sunshine Yuan was born in Shanghai, 1943, B.S. in geology and chemistry, N.T.U., 1971 Ph.D., synthetic chemistry, U.T. Austin,
1971-3,postdoc. MIT, Worked as Chemist at Interx, KS.,Koch isotopes, Kor isotopes, Tracer Technology, Masstrace, Cambridge Isotopes Lab, all in MA.

由於當天場地座位有限,如有興趣參加,請務必在4/5前至 https://goo.gl/forms/ZfD5lxzNXFwatyli2 報名,若額滿將提前截止報名。
ü   日期: 201748 13:00-15:00
ü   地點: MIT Building 2-190
ü   座談會流程:
     12:30~13:00 報到
     13:00~13:10 貴賓致詞科技部陳良基部長
     13:10~13:40 簡報生醫產業創新推動方案 (by 科技部產學司邱求慧司長)
     13:40~15:00 與陳良基部長問答

波士頓台灣人生物科技協會(Boston Taiwanese Biotechnology Association, BTBA)
Monte Jade New EnglandMJNE)
Sponsored by MIT ROCSA

四月漢字文化節活動 -  4/08/17 學藝競賽已開始接受各項報名,請各位校長們通知老師,家長與學生,歡迎大家踴躍報名參加。網址為:NEACS2016.weebly.com.  

今年協會採用 Google form 報名方式,請用 Google form 及信件, 截止日期是3/30/17以郵戳為憑,逾期不受理請注意所有參賽者必須是本會會員學校在校生。其他有關比賽問題請詢問協會教育組:NEACS.edu@gmail.com.      

請注意:  待收到校長簽名的報名表及支票後,方算完成報名程序

* * 美東年會國語歌唱比賽,新英格蘭地區有兩名額,代表隊伍/個人將由4/08/17 比賽中選出

2017年新英格蘭中文學校協會四月漢字文化節活動 -  4/08/17 學藝競賽已開始接受各項報名,請各位校長們通知老師,家長與學生,歡迎大家踴躍報名參加。網址為:NEACS2016.weebly.com.  

今年協會採用 Google form 報名方式,請用 Google form 及信件,  截止日期是3/30/17。以郵戳為憑,逾期不受理請注意所有參賽者必須是本會會員學校在校生。其他有關比賽問題請詢問協會教育組:NEACS.edu@gmail.com.        

* * 美東年會國語歌唱比賽,新英格蘭地區有兩名額,代表隊伍/個人將由4/08/17 比賽中選出。


R.O.C Veterans Association in Boston

E-MailBoston1031@gmail.com Tel:(508)366-2024
    P.O. Box 80578, Stoneham, MA 02180

時間:二月二十六日(星期日) 下午四時正 (提倡守時風氣,敬請準時入席)
地點: Purple Bamboo Restaurant (福成肥牛), 265 Boston Road, North Billerica MA01862
Tel: (978) 877-5176
報名登記:請於月二十二日前 向石家孝(Tel:508-366-2024)、王梵(508-245-3962)
*2017年會費已開始接受繳納,年度會費為20元。如欲繳交會費者請寄至財務理事陳世隆:Mr. Paul Chen34 Selfridge RoadBedfordMA 01730或於春宴當日交繳。支票抬頭為R.O.C. Veterans Association in Boston


Upcoming Events at Summer Star™


SATURDAY, JANUARY 28, 2017, 12 to 3 pm

David Brown Tracking
Summer Star is extremely fortunate to enlist the services of David Brown to provide a three hour combined indoor/outdoor eco-tracking program at the sanctuary. With his guidance, participants will see that many of our resident animals remain busy through the winter months. Participants are encouraged to check the temperature forecast. Dressing in layers is usually a safe bet.
Bio: David Brown
Tracker-naturalist David Brown has offered interpretive programs for over 20 years to many public and private groups in New England. He practices “quiet activism” believing that a people don’t need to be convinced to protect what they love. His task is to help them love nature by helping them to see some of the life hidden from direct view by foliage and the night. He is the author of several publications on the art of animal tracking, including The Next Step: Interpreting Animal Tracks, Trails and Sign, recently released by McDonald & Woodward Publishing Company.
Eco-tracking at Summer Star
We will take a roughly two-hour walk at Summer Star Sanctuary practicing the arts of finding and identifying the tracks, trails and other sign of wild animals that make the pine-oak forest their home. Some of this sign, such as tracks in the snow, is obvious; other evidence hides in plain sight and needs to be pulled out of the background to be identified. Along the way we will try to answer the questions: why was the detected animal here and what was it doing? That is, what was its relationship with the habitat in which it was found? This is “eco-tracking” or ecological animal tracking. The indoor component of the program will include a slide show and track casts.dewolfe2
David Brown points out bobcat tracks in porcupine trail.
Free event, but registration is required. Email us at info@SummerStarWildlife.org or call 508-869-3434 between the hours of 11am and 3pm, Saturday – Tuesday. Space is limited.


謹訂定於2017114(星期六) 11:30am-3:00pm
   聚福樓餐廳 Joyful Garden
(1234 Soldiers Field Road, Brighton, MA 02135) Tel: 617-202-4017
11:40-12:00  圓桌午餐入席與聯誼

11:50-12:10  會長蘇鴻昌致詞:
(1)    余明隆教授 (前高雄大同醫院院長)
(2)    鄭洪教授:麻州理工學院教授鄭洪,20歲進入加州理工大學,三年本科畢業,兩年博士畢業,28歲任教麻省理工學院(MIT),不到四年成為正教授,學術領域享有崇高地位。近日,這位理工教授再次備受關注,甚至被遠在中國的清華、北京大學邀請演講。但本次的原因卻是其英文小說,描寫抗日戰爭時期中國百姓生活的「南京不哭」(Nanjing Never Cries)的熱賣。鄭洪近日表示,用十多年創作此書,只望世界正視歷史,不讓悲劇重演。
(3) 鄭崔 (鄭洪教授夫人) 鄭崔出版社創辦人,在波士頓市區。出版中文教學各類書籍已有三十多年,
(4)   鄭宏銘父子 鄭宏銘教授,哈佛副教授和眼科醫生。前新加坡眼科研究所研究主任,現台灣亞洲大學講座教授,日本金澤醫大客座教授。

12:10-12:30  國內政令傳播與當地僑情交流
12:30                 餐館上菜  …………………………………………………
12:30-12:40  世界台灣商會聯合總會資深顧問游勝雄先生世界台商活動報告

12:40-12:50  世界台灣商會聯合總會顧問郭競儒女士北美洲台商活動報告
12:50-02:00  專題演講--余明隆教授 (前高雄大同醫院院長)
演講主題B, 型肝炎的預防和治療

02:00-03:00  提案討論與臨時動議:
1.     新年度活動計劃:
北美洲年會中秋慶團聚九月世台會雙十國慶節; 白山賞楓遊感恩歲末會…….
2.      年度經費籌措:  截至12-30-2016超過四千五百美元
3.    建議爭取 2017-2018世界理事鄭莉容北美洲諮詢委員劉秀春,邱漢烈 
4.   建議本會理事升任北美洲理事________,  ________, ________.....
5.    北美洲2017-2018總會長候選人:  (1).西雅圖台灣商會 (Seattle)卓鴻儀;  (2).奧蘭多台灣商會(Orlando)劉正民 兩位完成報名競選.
(3). 休士頓台灣商會(Houston)吳光宜正在登記中

03:00            禮成

附註:   即日起報名至01-02-2017(Monday)限會員與眷屬免費優待.  其他商友應繳26(包括 飲食,+, +小費).
  請向 會長蘇鴻昌 (978-210-1988), 副會長楊羅東 (617-417-9942), 秘書長陳玉瑛(339-225-2500), 財務長郭競儒 (617-669-6609), 副秘書長劉秀春 (774-279-2116),登記
              必須登記姓名,以便 游勝雄顧問 作名牌

Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary

An Eastern Screech Owl was released at Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary   December 7, 2016

Today’s release was successful. The owl was brought to TUFTS from Salem. He has such unique beautiful brownish-red feather and he is very little. He first landed on the tree branch near the trail head. But only in half second he quickly flew very fast across Wildflower Meadow towards Northwest. He might sense the wetland nearby, and he might see the new owl box later at our beaver pond. We had Wilson, Rick, Craig, Larry, Jess’s husband and her daughter. Afterwards, we had refreshment, hot tea, and got chance to chat and ask Jess more questions. It was a nice evening---moon and stars started coming out when we were ready to leave. Photos are coming soon, they were taken by Craig Buttner.

There is a brand new blog to show you. On Dec 7th around 4:30pm, we received a recovered Eastern Screech owl from Jessica Zorge--- the Wildlife Program Assistant at Cummings School of Vet Medicine at TUFTS University. She brought in this little red feather owl to be released at Summer Star.   The brand new blog was created by Summer Star staff Liam Hart---from tracing a thread started by Girl Scouts came over to learn building the house for the Eastern Screech owl, we had SVT’s Stewardship Assistant Director Dan Stimson led the program. He then mounted the owl boxes up on the trees. On last Wednesday, the thread is completed while the Eastern Screech Owl was released –powerfully he was flying straight crossing the Wildflower Meadow and disappeared into the trees—hopefully he will find the newly built nesting house. 

Ever wonder how "local" can local food get?  Join us for a discussion urban farming!
This event will be in English.

Date & TIme: Tuesday, 11/29, 7pm
Location: Clypd, 212 Elm Street, Somerville, MA

With the world's population becoming increasingly urban, farming in the city has become a growing trend. Cathy will discuss the environmental, social, and economical impacts of urban farming through history of farming in the US and case studies of urban farming in Chicago. Cathy will also share with us various ways one can reduce waste and produce food for your household.

Cathy Chung is a Senior Project Manager for Omni Ecosystems. She brings expertise in building design and construction with her background as an architect. She earned her Bachelor of Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University and worked at various architecture firms afterwards. Her participation in Solar Decathlon 2007 as a student and subsequent professional projects led her interest in sustainable building technologies, urban development, information network, as well as the concept of design/build. In her free time, she likes to sprout seeds, gawk at historical buildings, and try to recreate authentic dishes from her home country, Taiwan.

Hope to see you there!

【台大健管所前所長、健保局首任局長 鄭守夏教授講座】
週一 12/5 12:30 - 1:30 @ Harvard School of Public Health
HSPH 台灣同學會 主辦
來訪哈佛半年的鄭守夏老師,在學期結束前與大家分享關於台灣和南韓 "單一支付" 式健保系統的優缺點,兩位韓國首爾大學來訪學者 Dr. Myoungsoon You & Dr. Hongsoo Kim 將給予評論
"Healthcare cost containment under single-payer systems: lesson from Taiwan and Korea"
Monday, December 5, 2016 (12:30 - 1:30pm)
Harvard Chan School, GHP 12th Floor Conference Room (Building 1, room 1208)
As countries worldwide look to achieving universal health coverage, rising health care costs often pose a barrier. Single-payer health insurance systems, such as those in Taiwan and South Korea, are thought to be more efficient and likely more effective for containing costs. However, in the last decades, South Korea has also had nearly the highest growth rate in health expenditure among industrialized countries. This talk examines factors for containing health care costs by comparing South Korea with Taiwan, with potential lessons for other countries considering single-payer systems.
RSVP helpful but not required: Amy Levin <alevin@hsph.harvard.edu>

Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary

A Brave Bird Finally Flying Home Thanks To Tufts Wildlife Clinic Friends

Photo by Liz Kernan

Barred owl W161661 was admitted on July 11th 2016. The owl was a young of this year. The primary problem was an open (bone exposed) humeral fracture (a long bone in the wing). The wing was surgically repaired by Dr. Maureen Murray on July 13th 2016. Many weeks followed to ensure the fracture was stable and healing properly. Once the fracture had healed decreased range of motion presented in the wing. Dr. Murray performed physical therapy on the wing. The barred owl then moved through various sized enclosures. The owl was flight tested multiple times and moved to the Shalin Liu Healing Cage where it was conditioned for release. After 94 days of care at the clinic, the owl was released at Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary on October 11th at 6pm.

Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary



The Julius Quartet

Hyun Jeong Lee, violin
David Do, violin
John Batchelder, viola
Byron Hogan, cello
Marc Ryser, piano


2:00 pm
Tree Room
The Trailhead House


Franz Schubert  (1797 – 1828)


Robert Schumann (1810 – 1856)
The Julius Quartet was formed in the fall of 2012 at the Boston Conservatory, and has served as the Conservatory’s Honors Quartet. Participating in BOCO’s annual Contemporary Music Festival, the Quartet also concertizes and does outreach throughout the United States and Canada. In the fall of 2015 the Quartet became the Graduate Quartet in Residence at Montclair State University, and gave its Carnegie Hall debut in March 2016.
Concerts at Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary are curated by Stephanie Woolf.
690 Linden Street
Boylston MA 01505
Free event, but registration is required. Email us at info@SummerStarWildlife.orgor call 508-869-3434 between the hours of 11am and 3pm, Saturday – Tuesday. Space is limited.

Mark Pokras Lecture Series



11am-1:30pm, Saturday October 22, 2016.

Speaker Biographies:

Dr. Charlie Innis
Dr. Innis received his bachelor’s degree in biology from Cornell University in 1990, and his doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 1994. He was in private practice working with small animals and exotic animals from 1995-2005, and has been working full time at New England Aquarium since 2005, where he is currently the Director of Animal Health. He holds adjunct teaching positions at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Connecticut, and Mount Ida College. Dr. Innis is a member of the IUCN Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group, the IUCN Marine Turtle Specialist Group, and is Past President of the Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians. He has published numerous scientific articles and several textbook chapters on the medical and surgical management of reptiles, and has been an invited speaker at national and international veterinary conferences. He is regularly solicited to provide peer review for scientific publications involving veterinary management and conservation of reptiles. In 2011, Dr. Innis became one of the first veterinarians in the United States to be recognized as a reptile and amphibian specialist by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners.
Eric Littman
Eric is a fourth year veterinary student at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. While pursuing his undergraduate degree at University of Hawaii, Eric assisted in a graduate marine mammal research lab (on projects such as Humpback whale social sound investigation and auditory research in Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and False Killer whales) and completed his thesis on interactions between native and invasive mantis shrimp. Prior to veterinary school, he worked in the marine animal training and husbandry field, working with dolphins, seals, sea lions and penguins. Last summer, Eric was awarded a research fellowship, which he used to conduct research on sea stars of the Pacific northwest undergoing wasting disease. He recently contributed to a summit discussing the future of sea star wasting disease, in which he presented his research on the use of a few diagnostic imaging modalities in sea stars to leading scientists studying the Pacific coast mortality event. Eric is married to his wife, Kacey, and has a dog, a hedgehog, and two sugar gliders. In his free time, he enjoys photography, hiking, rock climbing, playing the ukulele and snorkeling.
More info available here.
Free event, but registration is required. Email us at info@SummerStarWildlife.orgor call 508-869-3434 between the hours of 11am and 3pm, Saturday – Tuesday. Space is limited


Acton, MA – Contemporary Arts International (CAI), a nonprofit art center, announces the interdisciplinary exhibition in CAI’s Gallery. The exhibition is entitled “TWO REACTIONS, ONE ENVIRONMENT” by Hungarian Artists Ágnes Verebics and Ákos Bánki.  An Opening reception will be held on October 9, Sunday, 2:00PM.

VEREBICS and BANKI are the artists chosen for the exchange program that CAI is in collaboration with in the APA Gallery in Budapest. The two well accomplished artists come into the Quarry with open minds and sharp eyes.  The show presents two distinctly different personalities, sensitivities, and painting techniques, for example, their use of objects, photos, figurative and concrete vs. abstract paintings in reaction to the environment surrounding the Quarry. The found objects, nature and man-made, they encounter inspires their view of the world specific to the Quarry in Acton, Massachusetts, New England.

Ágnes Verebics’s work in faces and masks which hide behind devices attached to machines is calling for the ancestral genetics.
 In recent years, she has developed a special technique painting on aluminum plates and gives a futuristic look to her fantastic figurative work. As she stated, “…exaggerated human and animal body parts inspire and dominate the power of my works... I use fragmentary body images as vehicles to explore the sexuality, violence and the wider human condition;
equally important are questions of what lies behind these faces, what is revealed and what stays out of sight. In the case of self- portraits, what, one may ask, what does one see when facing oneself”.
 Ákos Bánki’s work usually associates photographic studies of figurative elements to his series, extracting, transplanting and translating some of them into his abstract language and then integrating it to his paintings. An experienced reality therefore becomes a physical and psychic manifestation. Sweeping aside the figuratives, he seeks and sneaks into the psychological, emotional, subconscious quarters of chromatics and visualizations in order to make it burst from the inside, aiming to generate an effect on the viewer. Bánki’s is one of the main figures of the new wave of non-figurative painting in Hungary. As a total abstract painter who relates to actionism, expressionism, but also conceptualism, and who paints not only with his hand but with his whole body, not only with his mind, but with his guts, the dripping, leaking, flowing energy fields of Ákos Bánki’s works often slap the viewer with their energy, radiance and vibration.

Both Verebics and Banki were born in 1982, and both have earned a Masters degree in painting at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2006.  Banki has also pursued his studies with a DLA formation in 2011 at the University of Pécs.
CAI’s admission fee is $5 for students and $10 for adults, which will include a tour of the studio and the sculpture park.

For more information, visit our website at www.contemporaryartsinternational.org.