創業 - 春暉杯7/15 MIT-CHIEF 8/10 中美健康峰會8/5 泰州9/14

- 春晖杯 -


   12:30p.m. - 14:30p.m.
地点:Maxwell-Dworkin G125
   Harvard University
   33 Oxford Street
   Cambridge, MA  02138

我们将在该本周四 (7月13日),邀请往届YHIF获奖团队与大家分享创业成功的经验!
截至7月7日,我们已经收到超过60个团队的参赛申请。为帮助YHIF2017参赛团队在决赛前有更全面的准备,我们将在本周四(7月13日)晚,在位于Somerville的Canopy City举办分享会,供参赛的青年创业者们进行交流和经验分享;

Alexander Lin
BrainSpec联合创始人; 布莱根妇女医院光谱学中心主任; 哈佛医学院放射学助理教授
John Tagliamonte
Cocoon Biotech投资人,WntRx PharmaceuticalsDr.首席运营官及企业发展主管
Hui Liu
Jing Ma

活动时间:7月13日(美东时间)6:00pm – 8:00pm

活动地点:Canopy City (14 Tyler St, Somerville, MA 02143)


Tencent WeStart Entrepreneurship Competition - AI Boston

Tencent WeStart Entrepreneurship Competition is a global entrepreneurship competition powered by Tencent. The Tencent WeStart Entrepreneurship Competition in Boston will focus on Artificial Intelligence. With the idea of openness and connection, Tencent WeStart endeavors to build a global ecosystem designed to bring together startup communities, build and accelerate their business. 
Tencent WeStart will host the event, supported by AIRx Labs and MIT CHIEF. The 10 teams will be selected under the guidance of world-class instructors in the AI industry, VCs and Tencent executives. 
Keynote speakers with years experience in AI will share their ideas in the aspects of AI investments, technologies, and researches before the competition.
Tencent WeStart Entrepreneurship Competition是腾讯公司举办的创新创业大赛。此次在波士顿举办的创业大赛将聚焦AI领域,由腾讯众创空间Tencent WeStart携手AIRx Labs MIT CHIEF联合主办。


13:30-14:00 Sign-In 签到
14:00-15:30 Keynote Speeches 主题演讲
15:30-17:40 Entrepreneurship Competition 创业大赛

Venture Capital Resource
A venture capital pool will be established, which will be funded by Tencent and a number of investment institutions. The three winners can enter the China Tencent WeStart Innovation Space and enjoy benefits such as rent reduction, special exemptions and enterprise subsidies.
Customized Coaching
Top founders and tutors from the industry as well as key players in the academic, design and investment field will share a week-long series of analysis of products and technologies to improve AI products.
The project leads involved will have the opportunity to be within the first group of partners of the Tencent AI Open Platform and the first technology partners of Tencent AI Lab to cooperate with giants in the industry chain.
Lecturers Lineup
Tencent Executives
Yao Xing (Vice President), Lin Songtao (Vice President), Zhang Tong (Director General of AI Lab), Qiu Yuepeng (Vice President) and more
Foregoers in the Industry
Jiang Nanchun, Xue Manzi, Wang Xiaochuan, etc.
ZhenFund, GSR Ventures, Northern Light Venture Capital, BlueRun Ventures, Shunwei Capital, Future Capital, FreeS Fund, Kunzhong Capital, Sequoia Capital, IDG Capital, Hillhouse Capital Group, Green Pine Capital Partners, Sinovation Ventures, Banyan Capital, China Renaissance, Innoangel Fund
Supporting Projects
Wang Zhuoran, CEO of Trio.AI that provides a Chinese chat robot system. The company has been valued at hundreds of millions of dollars in the first year since establishment.
Yu Kai, chief scientist of AI Speech, developed leading natural language interactive solutions after three rounds of funding.
Wu Gansha, CEO of UISEE, committed to developing advanced automatic driving technology to change the way people travel.
What else?
The projects will be showcased at the Tencent Global Partner Conference AI hall, supported by Tencent Social Ads and Tencent Cloud. Winners will also have a chance to attend exchange programs to interact with local and overseas experts on AI. 
√  计划设置创投奖池,由腾讯及多家投资机构联合投资;
√  腾讯众创空间入驻租金减免,并获得工位的租金减免&相应的政策福利、企业补助等优秀政策。
首批项目上架腾讯AI开放平台,成为腾讯AI Lab首批技术合作伙伴,获得与产业链巨头合作的机会。
公司副总裁姚星、公司副总裁林松涛、AI Lab掌门人张潼、 公司副总裁邱跃鹏等
真格、金沙江、北极光、蓝驰创投、顺为资本、明势资本、 峰瑞资本、昆仲资本、红杉、IDG、高瓴智成、松禾远望、 创新工场、高榕资本、华兴资本、英诺天使等
王卓然,三角兽公司CEO,创办1年时间估值数亿元,提供 中文聊天机器人系统;
俞凯,思必驰首席科学家,先后获得三轮融资,提供领先的 自然语言交互解决方案;

If you would like to take part in the competition, please apply in here: Application Form

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The Young Health Innovators Forum (YHIF) 2017 is coming soon: 

August 5, 2017, 12:00pm - 5:30pm
Kresge Building Classroom G1
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
677 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115

Don’t miss the chance to hear young innovators pitch their big ideas about the healthcare industry!

The 2015 and 2016 YHIF were great success. This year, still dedicated to encouraging innovation startup ideas, the U.S.-China Health Summit will host YHIF2017 Boston competition on August 5, at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

We have received more than 50 proposals from startup teams across the U.S. Those young innovators are passionate about solving unmet needs in the global healthcare ecosystem.  Our judge panel will select 12 best teams to present their startup projects, which cover hot topics in digital health, pharmacy, biotech, and other healthcare-related subjects.

The 4 finalists will attend the 7th U.S.-China Health Summit in Beijing on September 23 and 24. At the Summit, they can pitch their ideas to investors, scholars and healthcare professionals, in order to harvest tremendous opportunities in China’s huge market.

YHIF2017 is free and open to public. Check full schedules and make reservation on our Eventbrite pages now:

Young Health Innovators Forum 2017 schedule & ticket

If you are interested in healthcare and entrepreneurship, come to witness with us how young innovators are changing the healthcare industry!
Learn from past YHIF winners
To help our participant teams know more about the U.S.-China Health Summit, YHIF2017, and their peer applicants, we are hosting the YHIF2017 Networking & Experience Sharing on July 13, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, at Canopy City in Somerville. We invite our past winners, who became successful entrepreneurs after participating in YHIF, to share their stories about how to grow healthcare startups. It’s a good chance for young innovators to get to know many healthcare professionals and learn about key to success in today's healthcare market. Click here to check schedule and book free ticket.
About U.S.-China Health Summit
The U.S.-China Health Summit is dedicated to the advancement of global health by promoting the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences of healthcare leaders from the U.S., China, and other countries through high-level strategic dialogues, leadership development programs, and applied research. Click here to learn more about us.

Business Plan Contest

Join our annual business plan contest and win $50K+ Cash Award! 

            Register now at http://mitchief.org/contest          
Brilliant startup ideas could possibly result in great companies only if executed properly. By joining MIT-CHIEF Startup Community and participating in our Annual Business Plan Contest, your ability of constructing a successful company will be greatly enhanced.

Here, you will be able to connect with other local entrepreneurs in our community, learn more about disciplined ways to run your startup via MIT-CHIEF Accelerator Program, win cash award that further supports you to make your great idea realized and get chances to join the China Trip or Co-Founder’s Journey program in 2018.

MIT-CHIEF will accompany you on your path to a successful entrepreneur!
Register Now!

  • Equipping entrepreneurs with resources from both the U.S. and China.
  • Nurturing and supporting entrepreneurs, immersing their startups into the U.S. or Chinese market.
  • Connecting entrepreneurs with local resources such as funding, industry expertise, legal services, and know-how of marketing and business models.


MIT-CHIEF Business Plan Contest 2017 is open to ALL future entrepreneurs and startups whose business models and technologies are applicable to the market in U.S. or in China. Please choose one of the following business sectors:

  • Life Science/Healthcare – Startups established on technologies and services for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases; unique services for healthcare delivery and new technologies for data analytics in the healthcare market.
  • Artificial Intelligence – Startups basing their services or products mainly on AI technologies.
  • Advanced Materials/Energy – Chemical, mechanical, optical, acoustical or any type of advanced material solution providing startups; any business focused on renewable energy, energy efficiency or development of products/services that reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Smart Hardware/Robotics/IoT – Startups focused on advanced manufacturing, wearable devices, smart home appliances, or any kinds of smart hardware; unmanned vehicles and robotics.
  • Web/Mobile – Business plan focused on software development; products and services developed through web and mobile platforms.
  • Social Impact – Business creating sustainable social values, solving social issues by providing innovative, highly effective and scalable solutions.
  • FinTech -- Startups that using disruptive technologies or business models to that improve asset management, lending, payments, and other core areas of the financial services.

Application Materials:

  • Online Questionnaire
  • Business Plan/Pitch Deck (.pdf format, less than 10 pages)


  • Aug. 10th by 23:59 / Deadline of Accelerator Program Application
  • Sep. 17th by 23:59 / Registration closes
  • Oct. 2nd  / Semifinalist announcement
  • Oct. 23rd  / Finalist announcement
  • Nov. 18th / Contest finale

ACT NOW for your Startup Project with
MIT-CHIEF Business Plan Contest 2017

In order to join our Accelerator Program, please submit your application before 23:59 EST on August 10th. After that, you could still update/modify your contest application.

Please register at https://mitchief.org/contest
For any question, please contact community2017@mitchief.org

As a non-profit student organization at MIT, MIT-CHIEF is the first student group dedicated to connecting entrepreneurial communities in the United States and China. Since its founding, MIT-CHIEF has hosted numerous events, including the China Trip and the Business Plan Contestand Annual Conference, to build entrepreneurial networks and connections between the US and China. This year, we will launch several new series of events including Co-Founder’s JourneyTech-EXPO, and Community Services. We will connect you with new domestic and international resources to inspire your boundless innovation ideas.





附件: 泰州市及中国医药城简介.doc (34.00 KB)


联系电话: +86-21-65310803
联系邮箱: hsr@chinaoverseashr.cn

MIT-CHIEF Brainstorm Seminar Series II
Next Step For Cancer Therapy

Wednesday, July-12, 2017 6:30-8:30PM
MIT Stata Center 32-141, 32 Vassar St. Cambridge MA

Register at here
-Snacks and beverage will be served-
Applications to the MIT-CHIEF Startup Community are now OPEN!
Please check out  mitchief.org/startup-portal to apply.
Contact us at community2017@mitchief.org.

As a non-profit student organization at MIT, MIT-CHIEF is the first student group dedicated to connecting entrepreneurial communities in the United States and China. Since its founding, MIT-CHIEF has hosted numerous events, including the China Trip and the Business Plan Contestand Annual Conference, to build entrepreneurial networks and connections between the US and China. This year, we will launch several new series of events including Co-Founder’s JourneyTech-EXPO, and Community Services. We will connect you with new domestic and international resources to inspire your boundless innovation ideas.

时间:2017615日星期四 5:30pm - 6:30pm (提供晚餐)
房间:哈佛大学 Northwest Building B-108
地址:52Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA, 02138.

◆ 有较高创新水平和较强市场竞争力以及较好的潜在经济效益和社会效益。
◆ 具有高技术、高附加值、节能降耗、有利环境保护的科技创新项目或创意。行业领域可划分为:电子信息;生物、医药;资源与环境;光机电一体化;新材料;新能源与高效节能;科技农业;现代服务业、文化创意及其他高新技术领域。

 ◆ 网上报名:2017年4月22日至7月31日,主办和协办单位宣传、动员、培训和项目征集阶段,参赛者准备和撰写商业计划书。
 ◆ 专家评审:2017年8-9月“春晖杯”创业大赛组委会在国内组织专家对参赛项目进行评审;确定入围项目;进行为期7天的公示。
 ◆ 项目评奖:纽约领区入围项目将评选出一、二等奖若干。
 ◆ 颁奖仪式及项目对接大会:2017年10月20日(暂定),中国驻纽约总领事馆将为获得北美赛区(纽约领区)一、二等奖的入围项目颁奖,并邀请国内高新技术开发区、留学人员创业园、大学科技园、风险投资机构和企业以及其他用人单位代表参加,打造项目对接、人才洽谈和科技合作三位一体的服务平台。
 ◆ 回国参加相关活动:2017年12月下旬,中国驻纽约总领事馆教育组将组织北美赛区(纽约领区)所有入围项目代表回国参加“春晖杯”创业大赛颁奖典礼和大型对接活动,到国内相关地区进行项目落地考察、对接洽谈活动。
 ◆ “春晖杯”创业大赛北美赛区(纽约领区)联系人:中国驻纽约总领事馆教育组王文华领事,电话:(212)244-9392 转 8007,电子邮箱:whwang1618@gmail.com

登录 or 注册

2017青年创新创业大赛 (波士顿赛区)报名截止倒计时15天!

2017-06-08 中美健康峰会


  • 2500美金旅行基金,用于团队赴北京参加决赛,现场展示创业项目,接受中美医疗健康领域专家指导点评,与投资者进行现场交流;
  • 2017中美健康峰会(北京,波士顿)入场券,与中美医疗健康领域的领导者、投资者、专家学者及其他创业者展开深度交流;
  • 波士顿著名共创空间Canopy City 6个月办公使用权,与其它众多医疗健康企业、创业公司等近距离接触。

  • 医疗、医药、生物、卫生、健康及其他相关领域与交叉学科的各类创新创业项目;
  • 商业或社会公益性质,盈利或非盈利模式,具有一定社会影响力的医疗健康等项目;
  • 项目处于创业的初步企划、募资融资等任何阶段;
  • 团队至少一名成员年龄在40岁以下。




In honor of Asian Pacific Heritage Month and National Small Business Month, the Asian American Professional Employees Collective of Eastern Bank in partnership with the Asian & Pacific Islander American Chamber of Commerce & Entrepreneurship (National ACE) and the Asian American Commission of MA are inviting you to a business expo Celebrating the Asian Small Business Communities of Massachusetts.
FEATURED SPEAKER Amrit Chaudhuri, CEO and Co-Founder, Mass Innovation Labs
3:00 – 3:30pm Registration and Welcome Reception
3:30 – 4:30pm General Session and Featured Speaker
4:30 – 6:00pm Business Workshops
Workshop A: How to start a business Panel experts will share their experiences and provide resources to help you start a successful new business. You'll leave this workshop having exposure to traditional and non-traditional approaches that you can incorporate into the development of your business. Panelists include:
Amy Chen, President & CEO, C & G Marketing, Inc.
Ray Chang, CEO, The Motorsport Lab
Rady Mom, State Representative, Entrepreneur
Nina Liang, City Councilor of Quincy, MA (Moderator)
Workshop B: How to grow and protect a business Enthusiastic about growing your business, but not sure where to focus your energy? Do you want to increase sales with innovative new products or services? This interactive workshop provides networking opportunities, inspiration for new ideas and resources to help your business grow. You will also learn best practices for protecting the assets of your company as it grows.
Panelists include:
Sam R. Moy, President, Interstate Food Equipment Service, Inc.
Jack Huang, CEO & Owner, Douzo Modern Japanese Restaurant and Lounge and Basho Japanese Brassiere
Pam Randhawa, CEO & Founder, Empiriko Corporation Robert Nelson, District Director, SBA (Moderator)



Bobbie Carlton: Innovation Women Founder


Nathan Wiedenman Draper: Director of the Sembler Office at Draper


Joshua Drew: Microsoft Sr Technical Evangelist for Startups


Hyuk-Jeen Suh: Samsung Ventures Head



The Capital Network

The Capital Network is Boston’s Fundraising Authority. We bring together the area’s largest active community of investors and startup experts to provide you with the practical, hands-on education and personalized mentoring you need as you navigate the fundraising process.
Our programs were created in collaboration with the investors who fund our area’s startups; they regularly participate in our curriculum development and execution, and share what you need to know, before you ask them for capital. We’re a non-profit organization, and our mission is clear: we are here to get your high growth startup smart and fundable.

来自MIT的先锋科技盛宴 - MIT-CHIEF Tech-Show

 2017-05-02 MIT-CHIEF 麻省理工学院中国创新与创业论坛


来看MIT-CHIEF Tech-Show

MIT-CHIEF Tech-ShowMIT-CHIEFMIT Hong Kong Innovation Node联合举办,在活动现场,来自MIT官方及院校学者、中美两岸的投资人、MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node香港地区的负责人,以及所有的科技界先驱将齐聚一堂。届时,20支来自MIT各大实验室的队伍将会掀起人工智能/智能硬件、医疗健康/生物技术、新能源/新材料、金融科技等各个领域的风暴。在这场盛宴上,我们会看到锋芒初露的具有巨大商业潜能的突破性创新概念,我们也会见证即将成型的高科技新作。有人说过,在未来的商业战场上,时间是最大的对手,MIT CHIEF Tech-Show将用最少的时间,以“除却巫山不是云”的最高标准,带你看遍最顶尖(且神秘)的科技创新,接触到最前沿(且实用)的技术变革。


陈  刚
-Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering
-Director of the Solid-State Solar-Thermal Energy Conversion Center

Charles Sodini
-Faculty Director of MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node
-Lebel Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
-IEEE Fellow

2017年5月7日  13:00-18:00

W20-208 Lobdell Dining Hall
(2nd floor at MIT student Center)
84 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA


此次盛典过后,MIT-CHIEFMIT Hong Kong Innovation Node联合举办的另一核心项目Co-founder’s Journey将会把其中存在大规模生产需求的精英队伍带向全球最具规模化能力的地区——中国珠三角地区创新创业生态圈,更专注、全方位地对接并整合MIT香港深圳的创投资本与高端生产力资源。活动形式包含先进制造业工厂参访MIT团队项目巡演科技园区考察交流产业代表的论坛与座谈会等等。


点击文末“阅读原文” 直达活动报名链接

MIT-CHIEF 2017 Community向创业团队正式开放!

The MIT-CHIEF Startup Community

Beyond Boundaries--Boundless Innovations, Boundless Connections

Now is the time to join the startup community of MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum(MIT-CHIEF)! The MIT-CHIEF Startup Community and the hundreds of startups involved can help you raise funding, get official support from MIT, build your connections with local Chinese governments, and develop manufacturing partners with free trips to China. Don’t miss the opportunity to join the vibrant and diverse MIT-CHIEF Startup Community!
Applications to the MIT-CHIEF Startup Community are now OPEN!
Please check out  mitchief.org/startup-portal to apply.
Contact us at community2017@mitchief.org.

As a non-profit student organization at MIT, MIT-CHIEF is the first student group dedicated to connecting entrepreneurial communities in the United States and China. Since its founding, MIT-CHIEF has hosted numerous events, including the China Trip and the Business Plan Contest and Annual Conference, to build entrepreneurial networks and connections between the US and China. This year, we will launch several new series of events including Co-Founder’s JourneyTech-EXPO, and Community Services. We will connect you with new domestic and international resources to inspire your boundless innovation ideas.
MIT-CHIEF China Trip
Since 2013, around 70 startups from North America have joined the annual China Trip, visiting cities include Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin, Wuxi and Qingdao. They have received more than 100 million CNY investment to date. More than 10 teams managed to land in venture parks in China, 5 teams got million-level investment directly from the trip, and over 80% of the teams are still collaborating with the venture parks closely. In addition, 2 Y-combinator teams and 6 MassChallenge teams have joined previous China Trip program.

This year, we expect to hold two China Trips–one trip in mid-May and another in late June.
We are accepting applications from entrepreneurs who are interested in establishing and/or expanding their ventures in China.
Up to 15 startup teams will be admitted for each trip with one representative per team receiving an all travel-expenses paid trip (i.e. transportation, accommodation and meals). Spoken Chinese is not required but highly recommended.

Co-Founder’s Journey
Co-Founder’s Journey (CFJ) brings cutting-edge technology to innovative businesses by actively bridging MIT’s innovative resources to markets and capitals in United States and China. In the upcoming quarter, CFJ will begin a unique collaborative program with early-stage startups and professionals at MIT, the MIT Innovation Node in Hong Kong and the advanced-manufacturing enterprises in Shenzhen, China. The duration of program will be about 10 days in June or July.
The collaboration will take forms of international conferences, showcases, prototype-construction, onsite visit, workshops, and other interactive programs.
Long term, CFJ aims to catalyze entrepreneurial ecosphere in Pearl River Delta(PRD) area of China by facilitating conversations within high-growth technology-focused industries.

Annual Business Plan Contest
The MIT-CHIEF Business Plan Contest is an all-encompassing platform built to help early stage entrepreneurs develop, pitch, and launch their business ideas with guidance from top business leaders, investors, industry experts, and academic professionals through training and mentorship programs. The top finalists will have the opportunity to share more than $50,000 of a cash reward and will be invited to join the MIT-CHIEF 2018 China Trip.

“Embrace and Experience” Tech-EXPO
The “Embrace and Experience” Tech-EXPO is a series of events that aim to enhance exposure of high technology. It consists of two major events – the Tech-Show and the High-Tech Experience Day. The Tech-Show is a science fair meant for demonstrating tech products, advanced theories, and scientific achievements with large commercial potential from various MIT labs. Also, technology applications from MIT can be accelerated by industry resources and market capital.The High-Tech Experience Day is a carnival for every technology lovers  to experience a frontier of new technology products. The carnival brings  companies with advanced technologies such as AR/VR  and robotics, directly to the audiences.

“Inspire The Greater Community” Community Services
MIT-CHIEF is partnering with local companies and startup firms to bring cutting-edge technologies (such as robotics) from our startup community to  a greater community of secondary school students through community services as part of MIT-CHIEF’s effort to contribute to the STEAM education in Boston. Startup teams also leverage these opportunities for branding.
Additional MIT-CHIEF Activities:
“Connect and Collaborate” Community Meetup
                    -------- Stay Connected, and Share
As an important building block of our entrepreneurial ecosystem, the community offline meetup is a small salon-like event that give members of community a chance to build deeper connection with one another. We hope to build a deeper bonding within MIT-CHIEF community and provide the platform for members to share experiences. Come, connect and share your stories!

“Beyond the Frontier” High-Tech Innovation Seminars
                    -------- Know the Frontier, Build the Vision
The High-Tech Innovation Seminars series is designed to lead in-depth discussions in emerging industries such as robotics, healthcare, biotechnology, etc. Previous guest speakers include Manolis Kellis (Professor of MIT Computer Science, CSAIL & Broad Institute),  Nikhil Wagle (Physician, DFCI & Assistant Professor of Harvard Medical School), Deniz Kural (CEO of Seven Bridge Genomics),  Sertac Karaman (Assistant professor at Aero & Astro of MIT), Dr. Alborz Geramifard (Research Scientist at Amazon), to name a few.

“The Great Wall” Entrepreneurial Training Program
                    -------- Learn a Principled Way to a Successful Company
In collaboration with MIT Martin Trust Center, Sloan School of Management, MIT Enterprise Forum, and Harvard iLab, MIT-CHIEF offers a series of training workshops to help early-stage entrepreneurs develop fundamental skills of building an innovation-driven startup from scratch.

“Learn from The Best” Mentorship Program
                    -------- Get spot-on instructions from the experienced
MIT-CHIEF’s ever-growing network of mentors comes from a variety of professional backgrounds. This tailored mentorship program offers budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to be paired with business executives and industry leaders based on their mentor expertise.
Applications to the MIT-CHIEF Startup Community are now OPEN!
Please check out  mitchief.org/startup-portal to apply.
Contact us at community2017@mitchief.org.



45日,来易加速器将在MIT举办见面会。我们真诚地邀请你参加我们的活动。在这里,你不仅可以了解更多关于项目信息,结识更多有创业雄心的小伙伴,更可以同加速器的创始人零距离交流。本次见面会主讲人是来易加速器两位联合创始人:RentHop.com的联合创始人Lee LinPalm Drive Capital的执行合伙人Seamon Chan

时间: 45, 17:00 - 19:00 
地点:Building E51 Room 149 at MIT Sloan School of Management, 70 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02142






2017年3月17日 报名开始
2017年4月09日 提交截止
2017年4月16日 通知入选决赛团队
2017年4月30日 团队进行模拟路演







哈佛中国教育论坛成立于2010年,是哈佛大学教育学院的学生组织,旨在连接和帮助教育实践者、学者、政策制定者以及其他各界人士,促进与中国教育相关问题的讨论并支持教育实践。目前论坛有海内外会员两千人,社交平台关注超过八千人,覆盖北美各大高校及留学归国对中国教育感兴趣的学生学者。哈佛中国教育论坛年会每年春季在哈佛大学召开,邀请中美知名学者、实践者交锋观点、展示成果,目前已经成为北美高校中关于中国教育享誉盛名的年度大会。教育论坛北京分会也成为众多教育创新领域青年交流的社区。论坛往届嘉宾包括:澳大利亚前总理陆克文,哈佛商学院教授、哈佛大学文理学院前院长William Kirby,哈佛大学费正清中国研究院主任欧立德,《邓小平时代》作者傅高义,民进中央副主席朱永新,“多元智能理论”创始人Howard Gardner等等。






中国教育论坛2017年会主题为“机遇与创新—多元化的中国教育实践”,将于2017年4月29日至4月30日在哈佛大学(Cambridge, Massachusetts)举行。届时将有超过50位来自国内外的知名学者、教育实践者、政策制定者作为嘉宾对教育体制改革、教育科技与大数据、STEAM教育、农村教育、公民教育、与早期教育等主题进行讨论。除六大panel外,还有创客空间(Maker Space)、招聘会(Career Fair)、TED教育故事分享 (Student EdStory TED Talk)、教育创投 (CES Pitch Competition/Investment in Education)
、TED教育故事分享 (Student EdStory TED Talk)、主题圆桌会议:国际教育 (Special Round-table: International Education)、
VIP交流会 (VIP Dinner)等。论坛也将通过搜狐教育平台进行网络同步直播。

Andrew Sliwinski,MIT Media Lab(麻省理工学院媒体实验室)Lifelong Kintergarden工程

GiantBug Education
学石教育(CL Global)
蔚来教育(Teach for the Future)



CSSA 第二届华人创业论坛路演项目征集令
我们 HMS-CSSA 即将举办第二届创业论坛!

随着新英格兰地区华人专家学者群体中创业的人数激增,哈佛医学院 HMS-CSSA 希望通过举办创业论坛和项目路演的形式为正在创业或者有创业打算的群体提供一个能够交流、学习和帮助的平台。此次论坛的目的在于为我们医学院的创业者提供一个与众多天使投资人深度接触的机会,并通过多方参与研讨,帮助创业者分析项目商业模式的可行性、评估项目的价值和制定最佳发展路线!
时间04/30/2017 (星期日)
9:00am-11:00am  创业系列讲座
11:00am-13:00pm 项目路演及嘉宾点评

请感兴趣的朋友于421前将创业项目简介 (300-500字,或slides)

Business Plan Calling For the HMS-CSSA Entrepreneurship Forum
are pleased to welcome all the entrepreneurs in the Harvard Medical School to join the HMS-CSSA Entrepreneurship Forum this year!

Objective: With the surge in the number of entrepreneurs in the New England community of Chinese experts and scholars, Harvard Medical School CSSA is trying to build a communication platform between entrepreneurs and investors through the forms of entrepreneurship forums and business plan road show.  The purpose of this forum is to provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs in the Harvard Medical School to have in-depth contacts with many investors.  We hope the feedback from the investors could help entrepreneurs to analyze the feasibility of their business models and make their best developmental routes!

04/30/2017 (Sunday)
9:00am-11:00am Talks From Invited Speakers
11:00am-13:00pm Business Plan Road Show
Please send your brief business plan (300-500 words or slides) to CSSA@HMS-CSSA.ORG before April 21st

website: http://www.hms-cssa.org

微信公众号: hmscssa

Harvard China Pitch 2017

Pitch us your idea, and get…

$100k Cash Prize
Direct Investment
Feedback from Top VCs
Media Exposure
Featuring pitch judges:
Bob Xu, Shoucheng Zhang, Hans Tung, Li Feng, David Chao,
Matt Cheng, Jun Li, Lu Zhang
So far, we have received over 400 high-quality business plans. Due to popular demand, we have extended the deadline to March 24th, 11:59pm (EST) in order to give chances for more teams to participate in the competition.

BP Submission


Bob Xu
Founder, ZhenFund
Xu Xiaoping is the founder of ZhenFund. He is known as one of China's pioneering angel investors, with recognitions from Founder Magazine including "2011 Angel Investor of the Year," "2012 Best Angel Fund in China," and "2013 Best Angel investor in China." Prior to founding ZhenFund, Xu was a Co-Founder of New Oriental Education & Technology Group, the largest provider of private education in China. He is highly regarded among college students both in China and abroad who have been influenced by his writing, teaching, and speeches. In 2004, Forbes Magazine listed Xu as one of China's "Top 100 Celebrities." 
Notable Investments: Jumei International Holding, Xiao Hong Shu, 51Talk
徐小平是真格基金创始人,中国著名天使投资人。曾荣获 “ 2010年最受尊敬天使投资人”,“2011年度天使投资人”,“2012年最佳天使基金”,“2013年最佳天使投资人”,“2013年中关村天使投资领军人物” 等称号,并于2016年入选美国福布斯杂志“全球最佳创投人”榜单(Midas List)。在创办真格基金之前,徐小平是中国最大教育培训机构新东方教育科技集团(NYSE: EDU)的联合创始人。他在广大中国留学生中具有强大的影响力,很多学生都从他的演讲、教学以及畅销书中受益良多。 2006年,徐小平被南方人物周刊评选为“中国魅力50人”之一,2004年入选福布斯杂志“中国名人榜 Top 100” 。

Shoucheng Zhang 
Founder, Danhua Capital
JG Jackson and JC Wood Professor of Physics
Stanford University

斯坦福大学 J.G. Jackson 和 J.C. Wood
Shoucheng Zhang is the JG Jackson and CJ Wood Professor of Physics at Stanford University. He is a condensed matter theorist known for his work on topological insulators, quantum spin Hall effect, spintronics, quantum Hall effect and high-temperature superconductivity. He is a fellow of the American Physical Society and a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He received the Guggenheim Fellowship in 2007, the Alexander von Humboldt Research Prize in 2009, the Europhysics Prize in 2010, the Oliver Buckley Prize in 2012, the Dirac Medal and Prize in 2012, the Physics Frontiers Prize in 2013, the “Nobel-class” Citation Laureates by Thomson Reuters in 2014 and the Benjamin Franklin Medal in 2015. He is identified as one of the top candidates for the Nobel Prize by Thomson Reuters in 2014. He has been elected as the member of the National Academy of Science in 2015.
Notable Investments: Mata, Wish, Optimize, Flirtey
美国籍华裔物理学家,美国文理科学院院士、美国物理学会学士、中国科学院外籍院士、美国国家科学院院士。现任斯坦福大学J.G. Jackson和C.J. Wood讲座教授。他在2014年曾被预测为诺贝尔物理学奖提名。主要贡献包括对拓扑绝缘体、量子自旋霍尔效应、自旋电子学、高温超导等领域的研究。
投资案例:Mata, Wish, Optimize, Flirtey

Hans Tung 
Managing Partner, GGV Capital
Hans Tung joined GGV Capital in 2013 as a managing partner to focus on consumer mobile internet, cross-border ecommerce, IoT, and mobile social communication investments in both China and the U.S. Hans led GGV’s investment and serves on the boards of Wish, a fast growing cross border mobile commerce marketplace; Xiaohongshu, a leading active social community and recommendation app for cross-border shopping in China; Poshmark, a simple and fun way to buy and sell fashion; GrubMarket, a marketplace for local farm goods; and OfferUp, a place for consumers to buy and sell goods locally.  He has invested in mobile social communication companies such as musical.ly, highly popular video social network for creating, sharing and discovering short videos; Slack, which brings all your communication together in one place;  Bustle, an online community providing a fresh spin on information and all subjects;  Wheelwell, a market network for automotive parts and services and Curse, a social communication platform for gamers that was acquired by Twitch. Hans is a personal investor in leading Indian e-commerce companies Flipkart and Snapdeal. He is also actively involved with GGV portfolio companies Airbnb, Flipboard, DraftKings, and Yodo1.
Notable Investments: Xiaomi, Airbnb, Xiao Hong Shu, Musical.ly
童士豪是小米最早的投资人之一并曾担任小米集团董事。在美国,童士豪连续3年(2013,2014,2015)入选美国福布斯杂志Forbes Midas List全球最佳创投人榜。在中国,他被《创业家》和《第一财经》杂志评选为中国十大最受创业者尊敬的风险投资人之一。
投资案例: 小米、Airbnb、小红书、Musical.ly 

Li Feng
Founding Partner of FreeS Fund
Feng focuses on E-commerce, deep technology, online education, new generation lifestyle businesses and O2O enterprises. Previously as a partner at IDG-Accel, he led investments on a series of successful projects, including CreditEase, Zhubajie, Prosper, Three Squirrels, Tongbanjie, Didapinche, Bilibili, Coinbase, Changingedu, Dig Fortune, Helijia, Wangli Finance Group, Yodo Fortune, FraudMetrix, Liulishuo, Ripple Labs, Wecash, Jiang Xiaobai, Hstylebaifendian, and bairong. Among them, CreditEase went public in 2015, Zhubajie and Prosper successfully joined Billion Dollar Club. The return of investment at seed stage for Three Squirrels, Tongbanjie, and Wangli Finance Group are now up to 50 times.Feng led the establishment of IDG-Accel’s post-investment service system, providing help to early stage startups.Services include public relations, marketing, and human resources. He promoted topic investment strategy including Internet brand, Fintech, the 90s entrepreneurs project, C2C of O2O and economy sharing approach.Feng obtained B.S. in Chemistry from Peking University, and M.S. in Chemistry from University of Rochester.
Notable Investments: Uber, Unity, CreditEase, Three Squirrels, ZBJ.com
李丰侧重于教育消费领域、TMT、高科技等领域的投资。重点关注深科技、电子商务、互联网金融、在线教育、年轻人生活方式、O2O 等方面。
2015年8月创立峰瑞资本。此前,李丰曾于 IDG 资本担任合伙人。在此期间,他主导建立了 IDG 基于中早期投资的投后服务体系,充分利用资源为被投企业提供PR、市场、HR等全方位服务;领导并推动了包括互联网品牌、互联网金融、O2O 的 C2C 和分享经济在内的主题方向投资策略。
李丰拥有北京大学化学理学学士学位与美国罗彻斯特大学(University of Rochester)化学理学硕士学位。


David Chao
CoFounder and General Partner, DCM Ventures
David is Co-Founder and General Partner at DCM Ventures. At DCM Ventures, he guides portfolio companies formulate corporate and product marketing strategies, develop strong management teams and implement domestic and international partnerships. David is the Chairman of 51job (Nasdaq: JOBS) and a Board member of Renren (NYSE: RENN) - both multi-billion dollar market cap DCM Ventures portfolio companies. He is also responsible for the investments in 99Bill (Wanda Group), All About Japan, Inc. (JASDAQ: 2454), Clearwire (Nasdaq: CLWR), eDreams (ODIGEO), Fortinet (Nasdaq: FTNT), kabu.com (TSE: 8703), Recourse Technologies (Symantec), Sling Media (EchoStar/Dish Networks), SMIC (NYSE: SMI), SoFi, StarFlyer, Yik Yak, and UCloud among others. David also serves on the Advisory Board of Legend Capital in China and is a Trustee of The Thacher School. He has been listed as one of the top venture capitalists in Asia and the U.S. by Forbes Magazine since 2004 and was named to the Forbes Midas List Hall of Fame in 2016.
Notable Investments: Renren.com, 51job, Ucloud
David 是 DCM 的联合创始人和董事合伙人。在DCM,他指导投资组合公司制定企业和产品市场营销战略,组建强大的管理团队并实现国内与国际合作关系。David 是前程无忧 的董事会主席和人人网的董事会成员 ,同时供职于中国君联资本的顾问委员会。自 2004 年以来,David被《福布斯》杂志持续评选为亚洲和美国最优秀的风险投资家之一。
在创立 DCM 前,David 是 Japan Communications Inc. 的联合创始人并兼任代理 CFO/CTO,这是日本第一家上市的移动虚拟网络运营商 。此前,David 在旧金山作为管理咨询师就职于麦肯锡公司,专注于为通信和软件行业的客户提供咨询服务。 


Matt Cheng
Founding Partner, Cherubic Ventures
Matt Cheng is the founder and managing director of Cherubic Ventures. Matt has 15+ years of entrepreneur and venture investment experience in the Greater China and Silicon Valley. He was selected as “Top 40 under 40” early stage investor by Cyzone in 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016. Matt was also a top-ranked ITF world junior tennis player.
Notable Investments: Flexport, Liulishuo, Hyperloop, Wish, Ali
郑博仁是心元资本的创始执行合伙人,拥有超过 15 年的创业及创投经验,创办心元资本前,郑博仁是香港上市公司天鸽互动,中国最大视频社交平台的首席策略长。郑博仁于 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 连续四年被中国知名科技媒体《创业邦》获选为中国四十岁以下最优秀的早期投资人 (Top 40 Under 40 Early Stage Investor),心元资本也获得CB Insights选定为美国最活跃的跨境早期创投机构。除了丰富的创业与投资经验,郑博仁也是前世界青少年网球选手。
投资案例: Flexport, 英语流利说, Hyperloop, Wish, 阿狸


Jun Li
Managing Partner, SV Tech Ventures
Jun Li is Managing Partner of SV Tech Ventures, a Silicon Valley based venture capital firm focusing on technology startup investments. Jun is also Founding Partner of iCamp.  Having invested in nearly 50 successful companies (e.g. musical.ly, Orbeus, Kika Mobile, Agora), Jun has extensive experience in cross- border investments. Jun was Senior Manager and Co-Founder of several successful start-up companies in Silicon Valley and Japan, including ETOP Design Technology (acquired by Cadence Design Systems in 2004), Altius Solutions, which merged with Simplex Solutions and went public in 2001 (Nasdaq:SPLX), Excellent Design (acquired by Cadence Design System in 1997).
Notable Investments: musical.ly, Orbeus, Kika Mobile, Agora
李军先生是硅谷科技创投(SV Tech Ventures)基金创始合伙人,同时也是创业孵化器快创营创始人。曾在日本、硅谷创业15年,成功创办Simplex(Nasdaq: SPLX)、Excellent Design (Cadence Design System 收购)等五家公司,拥有专利十余项。作为中国创业孵化器事业的先驱,致力于支持企业跨境创业,成功孵化了musical.ly、名医主刀等著名企业;在中美互联网、智能硬件、生物医药、医疗器械等领域投资逾五十个科技类企业,效益显著。 
投资案例: musical.ly, Orbeus, Kika Mobile, Agora


Lu Zhang
Founding and Managing Partner, NewGen Capital
NewGen Capital 创始合伙人、管理合伙人
Lu Zhang is the Founding and Managing Partner of NewGen Capital. She was recently awarded the Forbes 30 under 30 & Featured as the Honoree of VC category. Prior to starting NewGen, she was a Venture Partner at Fenox Venture Capital. She participated in over 20 investments and assist M&A of the portfolios. Lu was also the Founder and CEO of Acetone Inc. (acquired 2012), a start-up focused on non-invasive technology for the early diagnosis of Type II diabetes. She has also worked as a consultant at the United Nations Industrial Development Agency. Lu received her M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from Stanford University and holds several patents. She is an advisor and mentor to several innovation programs and incubators in Silicon Valley. 
Notable Investments: TVision, Tectus, Grubmarket and Paradromics 
张璐, NewGen Capital创始合伙人,毕业于斯坦福大学, 拥有多项技术专利。2017年当选福布斯美国"30 under 30",并当选VC行业年度杰出主题人物。
创立NewGen Capital之前,张璐曾为医疗设备公司Acetone.inc创始人以及CEO,该公司于2012年被成功并购。此后,她受邀加入美国硅谷管理资本为10亿美金、主要针对中后期投资的Fenox Venture Capital,并作为投资合伙人参与投资20多个项目以及投后管理、M&A。
张璐不仅是斯坦福大学的多个创新项目的评委、导师,同时也在微软创新项目营、NASA的Singularity University(奇点大学)、Founder Spaces等知名创新中心担任顾问及导师,此外,她曾为联合国工业发展署项目顾问。
投资案例: TVision, Tectus, Grubmarket and Paradromics 



Dr. Jiang Changjian
Dr. Jiang Changjian is an Associate Professor in the Department of International Politics at Fudan University’s School of International Relations and Public Affairs in Shanghai. He is also the host of "The Brain", a popular Chinese reality show.

Competition Schedule
March 24(Friday)11:59pm EST: Deadline for BP submission
3月24日(美东时间)晚11:59分: 商业计划书提交截止

April 7: Notification sent out to finalists
4月7日: 通知进入决赛组名单
April 14: Announcement of finalists
4月14日: 官方公布进入决赛组名单
April 22: Final competition (Harvard Business School)
4月22日: 创业大赛决赛(哈佛商学院)
First Prize
$60000 cash prize+ tickets to Harvard China Forum 2018 + Invitation to the Gala Dinner for Harvard China Forum 2017
$60000 + 2018年哈佛中国论坛门票 + 2017哈佛中国论坛嘉宾晚宴门票
Second Prize
$30000 + tickets to Harvard China Forum 2018
$30000 + 2018年哈佛中国论坛门票
Third Prize
$10000 + tickets to Harvard China Forum 2018
$10000 + 2018年哈佛中国论坛门票
Special Thanks to ZhenFund for sponsoring cash prizes for Harvard China Pitch.
In addition, Chaoyang Overseas Talent Center will provide the first-prize winner with an invitation to the final competition of Overseas Talent Entrepreneurship Conference on August 19, 2017 with travel expenses, including a two-day trip to Beijing (up to 5000RMB) + streamlined administrative process for establishment of the company in Beijing Chaoyang + chances to win a further 100000RMB funding from the Phoenix Plan and free service from Amazon AWS (worth 50000RMB 

特别感谢 真格基金 荣誉赞助本次哈佛中国论坛大赛奖金。
另外,创业大赛冠军将获得北京朝阳海外学人中心提供的8月19日海外学人创业大会邀请函、5000元人民币机票补贴及两日旅行补贴 + 享受便利北京朝阳区工商注册绿色通道 + 凤凰计划10万元人民币投资 + 价值5万元人民币的亚马逊AWS云服务的奖励
Finalists will have the chance to present their business plans to the audience of Harvard China Forum and to communicate with investors and speakers of Harvard China Forum 2017. Besides the ZhenFund Cash Prize, finalists also have the chance to receive investment from leading venture capitalists. 

On the night of April 22, finalists will be invited to the networking event of Harvard China Forum and to further present their ideas to conference audience and speakers.  

For more information regarding Harvard China Pitch and Harvard China Forum 2017, please visit our official website http://www.harvardchina.org/

BP Submission
For the latest updates regarding the 2017 conference, please follow our WeChat account by scanning this QR code, or search "harvardchina" in WeChat.

If you have any questions, please send us a message via WeChat, or email us at contact@harvardchina.org.
Founded in 1997, Harvard China Forum is North America’s leading and longest-running student-run conference on China. Dedicated to a constructive dialogue on the challenges, trends, and issues affecting China, the forum aims at engaging leaders in business, academia, and politics in discourse that will offer insights and generate new ideas.

Since 2015, Harvard China Forum has been featuring Harvard China Pitch, a competition that enables entrepreneurs interested in the Chinese market to showcase their business plans and raise funds through the conference. The competition also helps investors, working as judges, discover new investment opportunities and share their opinions on new trends in entrepreneurship. We are looking forward to hearing your opinions on new trends in entrepreneurship. The competition is open to the global audience, who are interested in the Chinese market.




Tentative Calendar 比赛流程

February 16, 2017     Registration opens 报名开始
March 19, 2017         Proposal submission deadline 提交截止
April 7, 2017             Finalist notification Releases 确认决赛入选名单
April 14, 2017            Finalist announcement 通知决赛入选团队
April 22, 2017           Finalist pitches at HCF 2017 (at Harvard Business School) 哈佛中国论坛创业大赛决赛(哈佛商学院)

All finalists will be invited to present in front of all judges and 1000+ audience at Harvard Business School on April 22, 2017 (Saturday).

How to Participate 参赛方法

To register, please complete this online form by 11:59 pm EST on March 19.
Please contact us at pitch@harvardchina.org if you have any questions.
请于美东时间3月19日晚11:59前点击此处 填写报名表。如有问题,请发邮件至pitch@harvardchina.org。

Guidance on Written Proposals 

 Proposals must meet the following requirements: 
  • Clearly state each team member’s name in English (and Chinese if applicable)
  • Contain at most eight pages (in either English or Simplified Chinese) in the format of PPT (saved as PDF). Additional pages will not be read, and teams that violate these requirements may be disqualified.
  • The following questions are intended to guide your thinking, but they are not strictly required. Please structure your proposal in a way that allows you to best present your idea and address the most important issues. 


  • 包含全部团队成员的姓名(中英)
  • 商业计划为PPT形式(保存成PDF文件),以简体中文或英文完成,最多不可超过八页;超过八页的部分不会被纳入评分考量,犯规队伍可能被直接取消参赛资格
  • 我们列出了一些可能的要点以帮助参赛队伍思考;以下要点均非必须,各队伍可自行采取最适合呈现想法,切中要害的形式组织商业计划
Sample Overview for Proposal


Overview     摘要
Problem Statement     现存问题
Solution and Technology   
Customer Profile    目标人群
Competition    市场竞争
Sales and Marketing    市场营销
Organization and Management    组织管理
Finance and Investment    融资计划

Past Judges

As finalists of Harvard China Pitch, you will be able to present your ideas on an unparalleled platform in front of judges who are top investors from China and the U.S. The judges may choose to invest directly in companies of interest. 

Our past judges include (in no particular order):

Xu Xiaoping               Founder, ZhenFund 

Andrew Y. Yan           Managing Partner of SAIF Partners
Harry Man                 Partner, Matrix Partners China

Long Yu                      Founding and Managing Partner of Bertelsmann Asia Investments
Li Feng                        Founding Partner, FreeSFund
Sheng Xitai                 Partner, Angel Plus Li Feng
Yuan Shuai                 Partner at Atom Ventures
Yang Shoubin             Founder of Fenghou Capital
Xiong Minghua          Founder of 7 Seas Partners
Qu Tian                       Partner of BAT Capital
Yuan Yue                    Chairman of Dataway Horizon




徐小平 真格基金创始人

阎焱 软银赛富亚洲投资基金合伙人
万浩基    经纬中国合伙人

龙宇 贝塔斯曼亚洲投资基金创始合伙人
李丰 峰瑞资本创始合伙人
盛希泰 洪泰基金创始人
袁帅 原子创投合伙人
杨守彬 丰厚资本创始人
熊明华 七海资本创始人
屈田 蝙蝠资本合伙人
袁岳 零点研究咨询集团董事

Prizes 奖项设置
1st Place         $60,000 + tickets to HCF 2018 + tickets to HCF 2017 Speakers' VIP Dinner 
2nd Place       $30,000 + tickets to HCF 2018
3rd Place        $10,000 + tickets to HCF 2018

一等奖            $60000 + 2018年哈佛中国论坛门票 + 2017哈佛中国论坛嘉宾晚宴门票

二等奖            $30000 + 2018年哈佛中国论坛门票
三等奖            $10000 + 2018年哈佛中国论坛门票

Sponsor: ZhenFund
 特此感谢 真格基金 荣誉赞助本次哈佛中国论坛大赛奖金

On top of the cash prizes, judges and investors from the audience may choose to directly invest in finalist teams.

On April 22, Harvard China Forum will host an attendee mixer where finalist teams will be provided with booths to present their projects to hundreds of Harvard China Forum attendees.

Contact Us 联系我们

Please contact us at pitch@harvardchina.org if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!
如果您有任何问题,请发邮件至 pitch@harvardchina.org。我们期待您的加入!

What Our Participants Say 参赛者感言

“What Harvard China Pitch offers to startups is first and foremost its global influence. The XtalPi team is very grateful to have been given the opportunity to present our idea at the competition. We received invaluable feedbacks from top-notch investors, which are very helpful to the development of our company in the future. After the Forum we were promptly invested by HCP judges ZhenFund and FreeS. Organizers of the Forum were extremely thoughtful throughout the process, from arranging rehearsals before, coordinating media coverage at, to organizing recruiting events after the competition.”

— Frank Wen,  Founder and CEO of XtalPi (Winner of Harvard China Pitch 2016)



论坛组织方安排的非常周到,包括pitch前的试讲, 大赛结束后的媒体报道宣传, 还安排了招聘的机会。总之我们和论坛组织方成为了好朋友。


XtalPi, 创始人兼CEO

November 12-13, 2016
Stata Center (Building 32) @ MIT 
Keynote Speeches Panel Discussions Business Plan Contest│ 
Business ShowcaseNetworking

The conference is THIS COMING WEEKEND. Register NOW!

We cordially invite you to join us at the MIT-CHIEF annual conference to meet top investors, serial entrepreneurs, technology leaders and business professionals from both China and the United States. Explore how innovative technologies and leading academic research can help address the practical challenges faced in today's changing economy.  

This two-day event consists of 

Keynote Speakers:

Panel Topics:

MIT Stata Center



主论坛嘉宾 Keynote Speaker

Zhang Shoucheng 张首晟

斯坦福大学、J.G. JacksonC.J. Wood 物理学教授; 丹华资本创始人;美国文理科学院院士;美国物理学会会士;中国科学院外籍院士;美国国家科学院院士。
Robert Samuel Langer
Zhang Charles 张朝阳
Li Feng 李丰
Wang Victor 王强
Gan Eric
软银集团有限公司执行副总裁;目前为阿里巴巴与软银集团合资成立的的SB Cloud Corporation之首席执行官及代表董事;曾创立eAccess公司。
Chris Evdemon
Sinovation Ventures (创新工场)合伙人,现任Sinovation North America首席执行官;全心投入于创业及天使投资项目。
Cheng Terry 程天纵
曾任中国惠普公司总裁及董事;曾任美国德州仪器亚太区总裁、富士康副总裁;创立了 Terry & Friends来帮助培养年轻团队,主要致力于计算机硬件创业板块,现已指导创业者三年之久。
Xu Siqing  许四清
Zheng Weifeng 郑卫锋
PowerVision(臻迪)创始人兼 CEO。其公司专业提供国际领先的智能无人系统、大数据分析及可视化系统、虚拟仿真系统等产品及专业服务,研发领域主要涉及无人机、软体机器人等。
Trond A. Undheim
MIT Startup Exchange (STEX) 负责人,隶属MIT Industrial Liaison Program (ILP);曾搭建MIT专属数字化平台,为来自超过230个不同国家的1000多个MIT初创公司提供服务。

(名单将持续更新 排名不分先后)

七大分论坛 Panel Discussion
Autonomous Driving Panel
Hardware Panel
Machine Learning Panel
Healthcare Panel
Materials Panel
New Energy Panel
Early-Stage Startup Development
详细嘉宾信息 请访问主页查看

张首晟 Zhang, Shoucheng

斯坦福大学、J.G. Jackson和C.J. Wood 物理学教授; Danhua Capital创始人;美国文理科学院院士;美国物理学会会士;中国科学院外籍院士;美国国家科学院院士。他主要致力于拓扑绝缘体、量子自旋霍尔效应、自旋电子学、高温超导等领域的研究 -- 其领导的研究团队于2006年提出的量子自旋霍尔效应被《科学》评为2007年“全球十大重要科学突破”之一、2014年获选汤森路透引文桂冠奖,被视为诺贝尔物理学奖的有力人选。

Robert Samuel Langer

美国国家科学院院士;美国国家医学研究院院士;美国国家工程学院院士。历史上H-index最高的工程师,H-index= 228 (H是一种评价学术成就的新方法,一个人的H指数越高,则表明他的论文影响力越大。1975年某位诺贝尔生理学或医学奖获得者的H指数为160)。美国最有钱的科学家之一,发表过1000+篇论文,拿过1000+专利,拿过200+奖项,先后参与创建了20+公司,专利被300+家公司使用。

程天纵 Cheng, Terry
曾任中国惠普公司总裁及董事、负责惠普公司在中国的所有投资;曾任美国德州仪器亚太区总裁、富士康副总裁;创立了 Terry & Friends来帮助培养年轻团队,主要致力于计算机硬件创业板块,现已指导创业者三年之久。

李丰 Li, Feng

Panel Discussions


近年来,在庞大的资本市场背后,商业巨头:谷歌、特斯拉、Uber、丰田等,以及初创企业:nuTonomy, Cruise Automation等等,都在无人车领域投入巨大。无人车技术领域的嘉宾将基于自身研发和工作经验,在如何保障无人车驾驶的安全性,如何解决无人车安全事故的问题等展开深入讨论。






这是一次有关科技、有关创新的变革揭幕,这是一场有关创业、有关热爱的梦想聚首 —— 这一盛会,我们期待着您的分享,11月我们不见不散。

Chinese University Alumni Alliance (CUAA)
清华校友三创+高校联盟三创大赛 项目报名通告
获得高校联盟决赛权(4 30 日在华尔道夫酒店丼办)癿创业顷目,将推荐给清华校友《创意• 创新•创业》(三创)决赛(5 14 日在清华大学丼行)。清华三创决赛前亐癿团队将获得水木 清华校友基金等校友投资机构至少 200 万人民币癿投资。
清华校友三创大赛由清华校友总会和清华大学团委主办,清华校友亏联网不新媒体协会,水 木清华校友基金承办,支持单位包括中国高校创新创教育联盟,清华企业家协会(TEEC),启迪 之星,清华长三角研究院,清华海峡研究院,力合星空,英诹天使基金,洪泰基金,泰有基金, 水木清华理事会、清华大学上海校友会 IT 财经委员会,深圳清华亏联网协会,清数 D-LAB,育 公益创投,学埻在线中国创业学院等。合作投资机构包括英诹天使基金、泰有投资基金、洪泰基 金、IDG、赛富基金、高榕资本、星瀚资本、臻于创投、启迪之星、启迪种子(北京)投资管理 有限公司,清华 x-lab 创业 DNA 基金、清数资本、育公益创投、华兴资本、美国世纨桥投资公 司、源政投资、北京百世嘉投资有限公司、深创投、青于创投、华创资本、国仟共赢基金、源码 资本、腾讯产业共赢基金、松禾资本秱盟起点基金、帯春藤资本、华软投资(中华软件服务投资 基金)、国科嘉和基金、工银国际融通资本、珠海清华创新中心、北京厚德雍和资本管理有限公 司、联基金、复星风险投资基金、同姕创投、碧桂园佛山市顸德区创源投资有限公司等。大赛目 癿是整合校内外创新创业资源,支持学校创新创业教育,为学生和校友创业服务。
由中国高校北美校友会联盟(以下简称“高校联盟”)丼办癿《创新•创业•创投》论坛将亍 2016 4 30 日在纽约华尔道夫酒店(Waldorf Astoria New York)丼行。本次论坛癿主旨 是最大限度地挖据高端资源,尤其是校友资源,全面劣力校友发展。
《创新•创业•创投》创业大赛是由高校联盟配合本次论坛发起癿一顷推劢“大众创业、万众 创新”癿帮劣校友实质性创业活劢。本次大赛将重点围绕亏联网、生物医药、新材料、环俅新能 源、新一代俆息技术等领域。欢迎有意在美国创业归国创业癿海外高层次人才踊跃申报创业大 赛。我们还将邀请各大园区,尤其是京津地区、长三角地区、珠三角地区等发达园区癿投资者到 纽约参加论坛,实地不优胜顷目团队直接洽谈合作,一站对接。
17 Battery Place, Suite 929, New York, NY 10004; www.cuaa-na.org

Chinese University Alumni Alliance (CUAA)
对亍参赛入围癿顷目,我们将在 4 30 日在纽约华尔道夫酒店丼办决赛。决赛评出一等奖一名,
。二等奖数名,奖励 5 千美金,三等奖数名,奖励 2 千美金( )。幵积极向美国当地孵化器,国内长三角,珠三角,京津冀等经济活跃癿城市
和科技园区提供顷目推荐服务(如宁波、南京、苏州、杭州、湖州、帯熟、张家港、珠海、佛山、 武汉、成都、厦门,北京等城市以及下属癿多个区县)。我们提供癿后续服务包括:海外人才创 业资劣,顷目落户服务,办公场地,顷目经理辅导,财务顺问服务,融资指导,天使投资,本地 资源对接等等。2016 年下半年,我们将组织入围顷目参赛者参加《海外校友创业行》,对国内 长三角,珠三角,京津冀等经济圈癿科技园区进行实地考察和顷目对接。
  1. 填写创业大赛报名申请表(报名申请表下载处:http://bit.ly/1nIXVIc),幵注明是否参 加清华三创大赛
  2. 准备15页左史路演PPT文件(PPT文本,丌可含姓名和联络斱式)
  3. 准备20页左史癿商业计划书PDF文本(请在商业计划癿第一页上附上签字癿 “参赛顷目
    知识产权声明” 顷目知识产权声明样本下载处:http://bit.ly/1nIXVIc)
截止日期:04/10/2016,美国东部旪间 11:59(因在哥大、普林斯须和哈佛癿大赛宣讲和培 训完成日期太靠近顷目原来顷目征集截止日期,应参赛者要求,大赛组委会决定将截止日期 延期到 04/10/2016)。
如有问题,请联系: 仰文奎:wenkui.yang@tsinghua.org 亍开成:yu_kaicheng@yahoo.com
奖励 10 万美元(由“华聚孵化”独家
17 Battery Place, Suite 929, New York, NY 10004; www.cuaa-na.org
Chinese University Alumni Alliance (CUAA)
华尔道夫酒店位亍联合国总部对面纽约中心地带,靠近曼哈须癿公园大道,距离洛克菲勒中 心丌到 10 分钟步行路程,距离拥有购物和用餐场所癿第亐大道仅有 2 个街区。作为包括中国、 美国、俄罗斯在内癿数十个国家元首下塌癿酒店,华尔道夫酒店承载了厚重癿历叱和文化,是本 次论坛和创业大赛高端成功癿标志之一。
中国高校北美校友会联盟(以下简称“高校联盟”)是一个中国高校校友会间沟通合作癿公 益机构,成立亍 2013 2 1 日,总部位亍纽约。高校联盟癿宗旨是为北美地区广大校友构建 沟通交流、合作共赢癿平台,促进校友发展,推劢中美交流。目前有 66 个中国高校在北美地区 癿校友会加盟,联系着逾 10 万校友。其中加入较早癿 19 所大学癿校友会组成联盟理事会,分别 是(排名丌分先后):清华大学、北京大学、华南理工大学、浙江大学、复旦大学、南开大学、 上海交通大学、北京医科大学、中山大学、上海医科大学、中国科学技术大学、天津医科大学、 河南大学、浙江工商大学、南京大学、天津大学,中国政法大学,上海财经大学,山东大学。
高校联盟自成立起就受到广泛支持和关注,联合国秘书长潘基文、纽约前市长 Michael Bloomberg 曾致电祝贺,中国驻纽约总领馆前总领事孙国祥大使和现任总领事章启月大使都先 后参加联盟癿活劢。新华社、人民日报、中国日报、中国新闻社、侨报、世界日报、美国中文电 视等多次报道。
高校联盟成立后,曾先后主办了多次大型活劢,包括为中国地震赈灾和中国遇难留学生义演、 创业大赛,校友篮球大赛、春节酒会、登山摄影赛等。对校友间相亏沟通和交流起到了极大癿推 劢作用。目前,高校联盟正在进一步团结和联系各斱校友,开拓各种资源,筹划系列高端活劢, 实质性帮劣校友在创业、择业、社会服务、在美参政、子女教育等诸斱面癿发展。
特别地,联盟在创新创业斱面一直积极参不。联盟成立后,在纽约领区积极协办了第九届和 第十届“春晖杯” 中国留学人员创新创业大赛,连续取得申报顷目数和入围顷目数双双全球领区 排名第一癿优异成绩。“春晖杯”是由中国教育部和科技部发起,中国驻全球各地领事馆承办国 家级创新创业大赛,目前已成功开展了十届,数千名海外中国校友申报了自己癿创新创业顷目幵 入围获奖,为广大校友癿创业成功搭建了丌可多得癿平台。中国高校北美校友会联盟癿积极参不
17 Battery Place, Suite 929, New York, NY 10004; www.cuaa-na.org
Chinese University Alumni Alliance (CUAA)
为广大校友癿事业发展提供了极其有力癿帮劣,也大大提升了广大北美校友癿创业质量和热情。 本次论坛暨创业大赛不“春晖杯”大赛势必相亏补充,相得益彰!
本次论坛由高校联盟主办,18 所中国大学校友会(清华大学、北京大学、复旦大学、交通大 学、中国科学技术大学、浙江大学、南开大学、同济大学、中夬财经大学、南京大学、天津大学、 中山大学、上海财经大学、黑龙江大学、东南大学、华中科技大学、浙江财经大学、东北财经大 学)具体承办,哥伦比亚大学广东校友会中美创新论坛、 哈佛大学、哥伦比亚大学和普林斯须大 学等美国名校癿学生学者联谊会协办。我们丌仅通过报纸电视等传统媒体宣传,还通过电子网站, Facebook,电子邮件,微俆等新媒体全斱位推介,10 余万校友将口口相传,亏相勉励,共同期 待。无疑,本次论坛将是北美学界癿盛会,开创北美校友高端活劢癿新篇章。
已经确认参加论坛癿嘉宾有:中国驻纽约总领事馆总领事章启月大使,NASDAQ 董事会主 席、2016 博鳌论坛特邀嘉宾、中投顺问 Merit Janow 女士,世界银行帯务副行长兼首席行政官 杨少林先生,汉鼎宇佑集团创始人董事长总经理王麒诚、吴艳夫妇(80 后年轻校友,以 140 亿 元个人资产位列 2016 胡润榜白手起家少壮派排行第四位),启迪控股股份有限公司总裁王济武 先生(启迪控股已完成转型升级,构建起全球最大癿科技创新孵化和服务网络,总资产达 500 亿 元,控制癿总资产规模已经超过 800 亿元),玱璃石发明人、苏州格拉斯通绿色建材科技有限公 司董事长、江苏省高层次创新创业人才金伟华先生,美国奥本海姆基金董事总经理李山泉先生, 美国新城环球资本创始人、双桥科技公司创始人吴刚先生,峰瑞资本创始合伙人、前 IDG 资本合 伙人李丰先生,道明银行财务执行副总裁胡皙皓先生,微总部科技发展有限公司董事长、中国国 家工俆部软件不集成电路促进中心特邀与家徐德清先生。在邀嘉宾包括:诹贝尔经济学奖得主, 耶 鲁大学教授 Robert Shiller 先生,腾讯公司董事会主席兼首席执行官马化腾先生,Facebook 董 事会主席兼首席执行官 Mark Zuckerberg 先生,美国国家工程院院士, 普林斯须大学计算机科 学教授李凯先生。同旪,将活劢地点选择在位亍联合国总部对面纽约中心地带癿顶级酒店-华尔道 夫酒店。作为包括中国、美国、俄罗斯在内癿数十个国家元首下塌癿酒店,华尔道夫酒店承载了 厚重癿历叱和文化,是本次论坛高端成功癿标志之一。
17 Battery Place, Suite 929, New York, NY 10004; www.cuaa-na.org


i 包含Innovation(创新) , International(国际化),Internet(互联网),i(个性化)、Intelligence(智能)等意义;n包含New/Neo(新潮流),National(国民化),Networking(社交化),Novelty(新奇特)等意义;in表示时尚、流行、新潮、前卫、全力以赴、全情投入;+则立足于以in的新潮理念注入、延展、服务于各行业的升级发展中。
主办方世界O2O组织 WOO、全球移动游戏联盟GMGC开行业之先,以全新的主题、全新的形式、全新的内容,开创性地打造了“IN+2016创新大会”这一品牌,采用前沿、尖端、前卫的IN+作为大会的名称。
大会主题为:all in•all win,
包含“领袖峰会+创新峰会”平行双主峰会、IN+互动展区、OSCA 2016最IN应用评选等板块。
板块1 IN经济•IN生态
板块2 O2O Expo暨OSCA2016最in应用评选
板块3 IN服务•IN模式
板块4 IN引擎•IN科技
OSCA 2016最IN应用评选

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关于全球移动游戏联盟(GMGC)为促进中国移动游戏与全球移动游戏领域的技术交流与合作,以分享全球最新技术成果与经验、探讨未来移动游戏技术发展趋势,提升中国本土移动游戏的研发管理水平,并围绕移动游戏开发经验交流、技术创新及应用,服务于移动游戏业产品开发及培养移动游戏复合型高端人才为目的,由11国知名移动游戏行业领军企业或人物共同倡议于2012年9月14日在北京成立“全球移动游戏联盟”,英文为“Global Mobile Game Confederation”简称为“GMGC”。
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2015-08-09 SEED


SEED represents

Social responsibility, Empathy, Empowerment, and Dedication

2015.7.27 |"留学生创业之夜”波士顿#04|千里千寻-中美跨境孵化投资专场
2015-07-21 创业时光联盟 留学生创业



由StartupTime主办的"留学生创业之夜”活动,已多次走进美国波士顿、纽约及中国北京等地知名众创空间,孵化器,商学院等,已累计吸引千名优秀中国创业留学生参与,平台得到超过百家留学生初创企业及投资机构支持。2015年7月27日(周一),6:30PM-8:30PM,"留学生创业之夜"波士顿#04专场将邀请五位在创业融资、孵化和创新创业方面有经验嘉宾,在波士顿创投中心Cambridge Innovation Center教你如何寻找跨境投资,孵化创业项目。你还有机会现场与投资人pitch创业想法,很可能就直接入驻中美两地的创业孵化器!本次活动将免费,欢迎报名参加!仅限100名。


地点:Cambridge Innovation Center,1 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02142
着装:Business Casual

Cambridge Innovation Center(CIC)


6:15PM-6:30PM 注册报道
6:30PM-7:15PM 自由创业交流
7:15PM-8:30PM 创业交流分享及问答


CUBIC中美企业创新中心(波士顿) CEO
北京瀚海智业集团 助理总裁


CUBIC中美企业创新中心(波士顿) 执行董事
天府新谷创业社区 总裁

王超先生曾担任宝马中国产品战略总监,之后加盟并运营管理中国西部最大的创业社区之一—成都天府新谷创业社区,旗下拥有37万平米创业孵化载体、530家企业、2亿元的创投基金以及成都众创空间第一品牌“蓉创茶馆”,是创业人在中国西部的第一阵地。同时,王超先生管理的CUBIC中美企业创新中心(波士顿) 是总部设立于波士顿的中美跨境投资服务平台,实现波士顿顶级创新人才与中国庞大市场的无缝链接。

Miti Venture  联合创始人

祁培先生是Miti Venture创始合伙人。从2011年开始投身创投领域,先后在波士顿地区创立和领导了数个科技创业相关组织,曾参与成立了麻省理工学院中国创新与创业论坛(MIT-CHIEF),并担任2013年联合主席。 Miti Venture (米天创投) 关注大数据和人工智能领域的发展趋势,重点投资数字医疗、生命科学、机器人和智能硬件相关领域的早期创新性技术项目。目前公司在美国波士顿与中美创新中心合作开展跨境技术投资孵化,共同管理运营“华美基金”和“CUBIC”创业空间;此外在中国杭州国家级开发园区海创基地,管理运营“厚德米天创投基金”和“米创天地”孵化器。

Tony Tian
Miti Venture 联合创始人

Tony Tian是Miti Venture创始合伙人。Tony是智能设备,物联网方面专家,拥有十多年英特尔团队与产品管理的经验。从嵌入式开发做起成为英特尔网路芯片IXP系列的核心代码研发骨干,该产品在2002年一度全球销量第一,此外他帮助VirtuTech在整合结束以后融入英特尔获头两笔大订单,并建立新的大客户渠道。2012年创立美国第一家由非盈利华人组织支撑的企业孵化器 NECINA NEW, 帮助多家创业团队获得天使和数百万美金A轮融资。

Tech-No-Logic 创始人

洪浛檩是Tech-No-Logic机器人公司创始人。曾就读于哈工大的机电自动化专业和WPI的机器人工程学专业,并在上海未来伙伴机器人公司和Cambridge的Hstar Techn机器人公司有过工作经历。TNL于2013年7月成立,目前有7位成员,5项技术专利,获得了Power Vision、瀚海智业和Mitiventure的投资,以及中美创业创新中心的大力支持。公司致力于开发民用机器人产品,目前主打的是SmartWok智能烹饪机器人,期望为普通人带来更多生活的便捷。
Startup Time (StartupTime.org) 
CUBIC中美企业创新中心(波士顿)、天府新谷创业社区、Miti Venture、Tech-No-Logic
MODELO、Mass Innovation Labs、Alt-Options、BrainCo、MIT-CHIEF、燎原(liaoyuan.io)、特赞Tezign、真格基金、创途Creatour、千人计划创业大赛、惊迷影视、邻客美国、妳的、佰刀网100DAS、MAST、TMTMenu、UniCareer、VoyageChina、《我们留学生》、小云网、纽约百车汇、Woobo、Usquirryl、ApertureDigital Media 、TrueLifeGenie.com、Event全知道、ChenyinTech、MassChallenge、Kisslink、萝卜太辣科技、Virtulus、Farseer Inc.、无二烤肉、一乐、钠家品牌传播、Nice、Mailtime、Orbeus、两颗红豆、DeepGlint、凯威国际教育、VINCI、Wegenart、爱直播TV、TechNoLogic、InfiniteUSB、Marcum、纯家味、95号店、Interusal、Immensinc、AirSniffer、Linkinusa、ToGoList、小可工作室、拓领投资、个推、中国加速器、IT桔子、纽约汉服社、Law office of Jia Wei.


TNLTNL公司于2013年7月成立,目前有7位成员,5项技术专利,获得了Power Vision、瀚海智业和Mitiventure的投资,以及中美创业创新中心的大力支持。公司致力于开发民用机器人产品,目前主打的是SmartWok智能烹饪机器人,期望为普通人带来更多生活的便捷。该产品正在进行第三代样机的测试,并将于9月前后发布正式版预售,敬请期待!现在公司在招募设计、软硬件工程与市场方面的人员,欢迎来交流!


Vinci智能头机招聘交互设计师,职位要求:1. 5-10年左右交互设计经验 2. 具备极强的逻辑性,执行力,沟通能力和学习能力 3.有知名移动互联网产品设计经验及海外工作或学习背景优先。有兴趣者请发邮件到 hi@vinci.im

中国创新创业大赛是由科技部、教育部、财政部和中华全国工商联合会共同指导举办的一项以“科技创新,成就大业”为主题的创业比赛。中国创新创业大赛医疗健康分赛由北大科技园和中美企业创新中心联合主办,北大孵化器 、北大创业园 、麻省理工学院中国创新与创业论坛及中美企业创新中心(波士顿)承办。2015大赛方向:聚焦医疗健康行业,包括穿戴设备;智慧医疗;生物医疗;健康管理。参赛条件:美国东部医疗健康领域创业者。报名方式:http://suo.im/nws8i


Washington, D.C. – U.S. clean diesel car sales have increased 25 percent during the first six months of 2014 while the overall U.S. car market has increased by 4.2 percent, according to data compiled by Hybrid Cars.com and Baum and Associates.    The 2014 clean diesel sales total includes six months of consecutive sales increases, including double digit increases in March (+ 39.5%), April (+ 60.4%) and May (+26.8%).  June 2014 was the 43rd monthly increase in clean diesel sales in the past 47 months, with 31 of those months registering double-digit increases
U.S. Clean Diesel Car Sales Increase 25% in 2014; U.S. Car Market is Up 4%   
2014 Clean Diesel & Hybrid Car Sales
Vs. 2013 Monthly SalesJan. 2014Feb. 2014March 2014April 2014May 2014June 2014
*Clean Diesels +  6.8% +  4.5% +39.5% +60.4%+26.8% +  8.8%
Hybrids(-20.4%)(-23.9%)(- 5.5%)(- 7.9%)+  6.6%(-12.7%)
Overall Market(- 3.0%)(- 0.1%) +  5.6% +  8.0%+11.2% +  1.1%
*(Diesel car and SUV markets only - does not include light duty pickup trucks or vans.)

            “Sustained and mostly double-digit increases in sales each month over a four year period prove that U.S. consumers are embracing the benefits of clean diesel technology and its proven, high fuel efficiency, great driving performance, and long-term value,” said Allen Schaeffer, the Executive Director of the Diesel Technology Forum. 

            “The consistently positive sales trends for clean diesel are particularly noteworthy since they have occurred over a recessionary economic period when diesel fuel prices have trended upward, and consumers have many more fuel efficient vehicle choices than ever before.  Today, the clean diesel choices include 27 cars and SUVs, nine vans and 10 pickup trucks.  We expect that number to nearly double in the next 18 months, and we expect that more models in more brands will only generate higher sales in the future.

“While diesel cars and pickup trucks make up only three percent of the overall U.S. vehicle market, most analysts predict continued growth in the U.S., with many believing the diesel market will double by 2018.”

            The Hybrid Cars.com/Baum and Associates sales information follows data compiled by IHS Automotive for the Diesel Technology Forum released last month that showed clean diesel vehicle registrations (cars, SUVS, vans and pickups) had increased by 30 percent from 2010 through 2013.

Diesels Have 30% Better Fuel Efficiency Than Gasoline Vehicles
Schaeffer said Americans are seeking more fuel efficient cars and are learning that clean diesel vehicles are about 30 percent more fuel efficient that gasoline equivalents. In addition, he said the new federal fuel efficiency standards that will require a 54.5 mpg average by 2025 will also boost clean diesel auto sales, as auto manufacturers introduce more diesels in the U.S. to help meet these standards.

To see a list of all clean diesel cars and pickups available in the U.S., a list of all the new diesels coming to the U.S. market, and fuel efficiency data go here:

Leaders in clean diesel vehicles:

BIF10: Community
Scholarships and
New Storytellers!

We want our Collaborative Innovation Summit filled from stage to seats with people sharing innovation ideas and stories. If you're an underfunded innovation junkie, click here for an application. Also, we've added story-tellers Dorie Clark, Sarah Lewis, and Haydn Shaughnessy. Updated storyteller profiles are being posted now, starting with Dorie Clark's: 'What Do People Say About You When You Leave the Room?'  Learn more about BIF10.
#TD4Ed Project Pilot: Teachers Sharing Ideas, Celebrating Success

Twelve teams of teachers learned design thinking, using it to tackle challenges that mattered to them, their students, and their schools. Then they came together at BIF. Read about their ideas and collaboration.
Extreme Networks Becomes
The Newest BIF Member   

We're happy that Extreme Networks, an innovator of BYOD ("bring your own device") networking solutions, has joined BIF. Extreme's CMO Vala Afshar, a master connector of people and ideas, will also be a BIF10 storyteller. Learn more about Extreme Networks here.
SD4E Wins Grant From
Nellie Mae Foundation!

We’re happy to announce a $50,000 grant from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation to support our Student Experience Lab in launching Students Design for Education (SD4E), a project that, once fully funded, will create the first-in-the-nation school designed by and for students.
Learn more about Nellie Mae and the SD4E project.
BIF Launches New
Video Series Exploring 'Connected Aging'  

These videos share the insights and behaviors of seniors who have both discovered the power of connected aging and acted upon it. In sharing their stories we hope to help empower the aging and isolated, as well as inspire new business models reconsidering aging as an experience of continued connection. Learn more about the series here.
'The Future Is Now':
The BIF10 Workshop
on 3D Printing

3D printing technology has begun to revolutionize manufacturing: everything from body parts to houses to this Victoria Spruce-designed shoe (at left), is being printed now. Matt Hlavin and the 3D printing experts from (rp+m) lead our BIF10 workshop on this disruptive technology. Read more about our 3D Printing workshop. (photo: 3ders)

Clean Diesel Cars Garner 5 of the Top 10 Rankings
On AAA’s 2014 Green Car Guide

Green Car Guide Reviewed 83 Hybrids, Electrics, CNG, Clean Diesels
& Partial Zero Emissions Vehicles

            Washington, D.C. – Half of the top 10 highest scoring green cars were clean diesel vehicles in the newly released Green Car Guide compiled by the Automobile Association of America (AAA).  The top 10 of AAA’s Green Car list included five clean diesels, three electrics and two hybrids.

            “The field of green cars this year is the most competitive ever, so the fact that clean diesels ran away with 5 of the top 10 ratings is a great validation that clean diesel cars are really a great choice for consumers looking to make greener transportation choices” said Allen Schaeffer, the Executive Director of the Diesel Technology Forum (http://www.dieselforum.org/).

            Two electric vehicles – the 2013 Tesla S P85 and 2012 Toyota RAV4 EV - topped AAA’s list and were followed by 4 Audi TDI clean diesels (A6, A7, A8 and Q5) and the Mercedes-Benz E250 BlueTec clean diesel among the top 10 highest scoring vehicles.

            AAA’s Top 10 Green Cars
1)      2013 Tesla S P85                                       (Electric)
2)      2012 Toyota RAV4 EV                               (Electric)
3)      2014 Audi A7 TDI Quattro                        (Clean Diesel)
4)      2013 Lexus GS 450h                                  (Hybrid)
5)      2013 Nissan Leaf                                       (Electric)
6)      2014 Honda Accord Hybrid                       (Hybrid)
7)      2014 Audi Q5 TDI Quattro Tiptronic        (Clean Diesel)
8)      2014 Audi A8 L TDI Quattro Tiptronic      (Clean Diesel)
9)      2014 Mercedes-Benz E250 BlueTEC        (Clean Diesel)
10)  2014 Audi A6 TDI Quattro Tiptronic         (Clean Diesel)

This year’s AAA Green Car Guide reviewed 83 hybrids, electric cars, CNG-powered cars, clean diesels and partial zero emissions vehicles. The annual study was conducted by the Automobile Club of Southern California’s Automotive Research Center (ARC).  The green cars tested by the ARC are evaluated on the basis of 13 categories: including emissions, fuel economy, acceleration, handling, and other factors.   The scores for the categories were totaled, and the cars were ranked from high to low.

To access the entire 140-page AAA Green Car Guide go to:

Clean Diesels Are 30% More Fuel Efficient Than Gasoline Vehicles

“Today’s car buyer is confronted with the largest choice of fuels and technologies ever.  The fact that clean diesels are rated so highly reflects the total package that they provide - proven high fuel efficiency, low emissions, excellent driving performance, and no-compromises on vehicle types and choices.  As Americans focus on getting the highest possible miles-per-gallon, today’s diesels post driving ranges of 500 to 800 miles on a single tank of fuel while typically beating their EPA mileage estimates – not falling short of them like other technologies,” Schaeffer said.

“Automakers are introducing more diesel-powered models in the U.S. each year and consumers are learning about increased fuel efficiency of clean diesels.  Today consumers have 44 choices of cars, pick-up trucks, SUVs and vans with diesel engine options, and we expect that number to increase significantly in the next two years.”

To see information about every clean diesel car, SUV, pickup truck and van available today in the U.S. (and those that are coming soon) go to:

What energy storage will power the iWatch and future smart watches?
By Franco Gonzalez, Technology Analyst, IDTechEx
The emerging trend in multifunctional portable devices, such as the smartphone, has caused the decline of those that previously performed single functions. This has been the case with simple digital cameras and now wrist watches.
So the recent Apple rumours of the possible launch of an iWatch is a natural step forward, as stated last year in IDTechEx's report Batteries & Supercapacitors in Consumer Electronics 2013-2023: Forecasts, Opportunities, Innovation . There is a trend among young people to use their smartphones to tell the time, when this used to be the single function of the humble wrist watch. Indeed, market figures don't lie - in 2005 the growth of the global traditional wrist watch market was around 6%, now the industry is abruptly declining at 20% yearly. It is only the luxury watch industry that is growing at a steady rate of about 5% yearly, and this should be sustained in the following ten years as emerging economies create new rich segments of the population, these people will be eager to have their first fine Swiss time piece on their wrists, the drive behind this is not the need to have digital multifunctionality but to have a status symbol.
However for the rest of the population, with the increasing influence of social networks and mobile multifunctionality, a smart watch will be a better fit, especially for youngsters. The smart watch is just one of the multifunctionality trends in consumer electronics, as can be seen in Table 1 below.
Table 1. Multifunctionality Trends in Consumer Electronics
Source: IDTechEx & various

The consumer electronics industry has changed dramatically in the past few years. Portable devices are increasingly becoming multifunctional, and not only phones which currently have many purposes (e.g. making calls, sending SMS, internet navigation, email, video playback) but cameras and other devices as well.
For example, we will see smart watches that play music and can help you manage your smartphone, or android powered cameras with applications and Wi-Fi internet connectivity. At the same time, smartphones are taking over more functions. For example, we could think of a smartphone that becomes a semi-professional camera when adding interchangeable lenses, just as the rumour of the iWatch began with an Apple patent showing this device, there is an Apple patent of this sort of iPhone that suggests the use of interchangeable lenses, see figure 1 below.
Figure 1. A patent by Apple
Source: news.cnet.com 

This trend in power demand terms is translated into frequent peak power demands from lithium and other types of batteries. The same applies to wireless sensors, which require power pulses for performing their functions. In figure 2 below we show the power demand profile for different operation modes of three different smartphones.
Figure 2. Different power profiles for different smartphone uses
Source: IDTechEx
Supercapacitors fit well into the emerging energy storage landscape
As in any other battery, energy and power will play against each other; increasing one will lead to the loss of the other. Accordingly, the capacity of lithium batteries (energy content) is reduced if we extract the energy quickly. This means that if we require high power from the battery we will extract less total energy than if we require low power (see figure 3).
Figure 3. Specific power vs specific energy

Source: Venkat Srinivasan
As seen in Figure 1 the multifunctionality trend in smart portable devices requires different power profiles depending on the function, some of these high power demands are required more often. These variable power demands mean less available total energy extracted from the battery (and accordingly, the battery running out quicker). In the consumer electronic industry this was not a problem in the past, since the mobile phone power demand profile was more or less constant and low. This was the case because mobile phones were only used to perform one function (i.e. make calls).
In consequence, lithium battery technology capabilities are being challenged by the modern multifunctional portable devices, which increasingly require higher performance in terms of power density. Whilst current research and development pathways aim for the emergence of a new generation of high energy density technologies, alternative energy storage technologies are challenging the dominance of lithium batteries.
This is the case with supercapacitors, which are an emerging energy storage technology whose characteristics make them strong candidates for satisfying those specific functions where lithium batteries underperform.
Interestingly, supercapacitors can deliver a considerable amount of energy at high power (see Figure 3). These characteristics make them suitable for supplying high power in multifunctional devices where current batteries can't provide it without reducing their total energy capacity (see Table 1 above).
On the other hand, batteries and supercapacitors are becoming thinner, flexible and now paintable!
Having thinner consumer electronics is another no-brainer, however how thin can they get? Currently the thinnest is the Finder with a thickness of just 6.6 mm. It uses a battery of just 4 mm (See Figure 4 below). Printing batteries is the next technology evolution for the manufacturing of the required energy storage solution for future consumer electronics. But it does not just make them thinner, they can be flexible too.
Figure 4. Mobile phone trend

Source: IDTechEx
Figure 5. A flexible phone, the Nokia Kinetic
Source: Nokia
Companies such as Front Edge Technologies have developed solutions such as the NanoEnergy® which are thinner than a piece of paper and when embedded in micro devices such as smart cards and portable sensors, act as an autonomous power source enabling new functions which greatly add to their value. They are flexible as well, see figure below.
Figure 6. Flexible energy storage

Source Front Edge Technology
Finally batteries can be paintable, such as the ones currently in development by Rice University!
Figure 7. Paintable batteries

Source: Rice University
So the idea of the iWatch is just the tip of the iceberg. To learn more follow our research.
IDTechEx's report, Batteries & Supercapacitors in Consumer Electronics 2013-2023: Forecasts, Opportunities, Innovation  leads you through the basic concepts to understand the technologies in the energy storage industry for Consumer Portable Devices, including the advantages and limitations of different technologies.
For more, attend Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe  or Supercapacitors Europe  taking place on 17-18 April 2013 in Berlin, Germany.
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